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May 2014

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31 May 14: What the heck kind of a wimp is our president, anyway? For two months U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been languishing in a Mexican jail after mistakenly crossing the border with 3 weapons in his vehicle. I thought Mexico was a friend of the United States, and I'm pretty sure they like our tourist dollars. Seems like Obama should have been on the phone to Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto within the first twenty-four hours of this traversty demanding the immediate release and return to the US of Sgt. Tahmooressi. If the Marine were not released immdediately, then the US should have shut down that border crossing from San Diego to Tijuana, saying that it is too confusing and too dangerous to remain in use. Has President Nieto forgotten that when his military personnel intentionally cross into the US, we return them to Mexico as soon as possible? I sure hope the next time that happens we do NOT return them so quickly.


19 May 14: Heartbreak in nature: about 10 days ago a pair of robins starting building a nest in a tree right outside our front door and just a few days later, Mom was sitting on the eggs. It wasn't meant to be, however - this morning we awoke to find the nest on the ground under the tree, the shattered shells of three eggs and feathers scattered all about. It appears that Mom didn't survive the night attack. robin01
robin04 robin08
robin10 For several hours Dad hung around trying to understand what had happened. Some of the time he was on the ground near the nest and the rest of the time he was up in the tree, perched exactly where their nest had been. Pretty sad.


16 May 15: A workman came to our house the other day and he had a really neat flashlight app on his smartphone. Well, gee, I thought, I ought to download a similar app for my phone. Off to the Google Play Store I go and start looking at the myriad of flashlight apps that are available. Looking at the reviews, most users of the apps really like them.....but then I started seeing an occasional comment about the permissions the app requires, so I looked to see what the typical flashlight app wants for permissions. Here is a list that is fairly common to most of the apps:

Storage: Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Camera: Take pictures and videos

Your apps information: Retrieve running apps

Phone calls: Read phone status and identity

Your location: GPS and network-based

Network communications: Full network access - receive data from internet, view wi-fi connections, view network connections

System tools: Modify systems settings

Affects battery: Control flashlight, prevent phone from sleeping

What's going on here? Is the NSA behind all these apps? Looks to me like the app developer is using his flashlight app as tool to gain access to your phone and glean all sorts of information about you from it. Seems to me the last item listed is the only legitimate one. Lesson: when you click the Install button for an app, take the time to review the permissions that it wants. I've decided I can live without a flashlight on my phone.


14 May 14: I think we're all well aware of how much liberals yearn for a single-payer healthcare system. I wonder if any of them are paying any attention to what's been unfolding at the Veterans Administration. Unrecorded wait lists so that it looks like everyone is being seen within 30 days. Forty deaths in Arizona of veterans who couldn't get an appointment. Now imagine multplying what's happening at the VA to a bureaucracy of the size needed to administer a single-payer system: do you really believe that it could do better than the VA?


10 May 14: Well, well, remember all that hoopla of Gloom and Doom forecasts over the sequester issue? Gee, are we really surprised that it was just another big load of the stimulus crap a few years ago. We had to act immediately or the world as we know it would come to an end. As for the sequester, it proved that it DID work. It forced the government to pare down the budget increases and actually did save some money. As for the Doom and Gloom....only ONE federal employee was laid off, some poor guy in the Justice Department's Parole Commission. What a honor to be that guy!


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