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April 2015

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23 Apr 15: How interesting to learn that Vladimir Putin now controls 20% of the United States' uranium supply, thanks to Hillary and Barack.


22 Apr 15: A couple of thoughts about Doug Hughes, the gyrocopter guy:

1. Did his letters get delivered all members of Congress?

2. Obviously the billions of dollars spent on security since 9/11 has been wasted. I want my money back.


17 Apr 15: Ah, those liberals who whine that the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes. One of those liberals is MSNBC's Melissa Perry-Harris, who it turns out doesn't pay her fair share either. The IRS has placed a $70,000 tax lien against Perry-Harris. Of course,don't forget that another colleague of hers at MSNBC is the big-time tax evader, Reverend Al Sharpton, who supposedly owes the IRS about $3 million!


14 Apr 15: Isn't it great living in a police state? A nanny state? That's what the US has become. Latest outrage: don't let your kids walk 3 blocks  to the park alone to play. If you do, the police will pick them up, keep them in the back of a patrol car for three hours, followed by two and a half hours at a crisis center before being reunited with their parents. This is exactly what happened this past weekend in Silver Springs, MD.


13 Apr 15: The Social Security Administration has an interesting definition of a condition that qualifies someone for disability payments: if you live in Puerto Rico and your English isn't very good (which is true for many, since most families speak Spanish at home), bingo, you are considered disabled. Gimme a break. (from the Washington Post, 13 Apr 15)


11 Apr 15: So the Department of Defense finally decided to call the Fort Hood shooting what it was: terrorism. "Workplace violence" - give me a break. As a result of the reclassification of the event, victims have been awarded the Purple Heart. That's a nice gesture, but those victims still are NOT getting the benefits that normally go with a Purple Heart. Shame on our government!


9 Apr 15: Now that the jury has decided that the Boston Marathon Bomber is guilty, the big debate now is whether he should be sentenced to life in prison or to death. Here's my suggestion: tie him to a post with one of his pressure cooker bombs between his legs and set it off. If he should somehow survive, then life in prison follows.


7 Apr 15: I just love the hypocrisy of the left: now it's over a climate-change controversy. The leftist groups Common Cause and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) have accused the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) of being climate-change deniers and has gone so far as to convince some big corporations to pull their funding support for ALEC. So ALEC is threatening to sue Common Cause and LCV. But I love LCV's response to the threat: "We don't appreciate the attempt to silence LCV just because we disagree with ALEC's position." So let me get this straight: it's OK for LCV to try to go after ALEC, but not for ALEC to go after LCV in response. You can't have it both ways, LCV.


6 Apr 15: It has always seemed to me to be a bad thing that after negotiating a deal with another party, you see them celebrating the deal. If they are so happy with the deal, then my side must have screwed up and conceded much too much.

Following the conclusion of the preliminary deal with Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif Khonsari was welcomed home in Tehran as a hero. So they think this a great deal. Sure makes me wonder how good a deal it is for the US.

And have you noticed that Iran's version of the deal is just about 180 degrees from Obama's version? So who do we trust?


4 Apr 15: Remember all those Central American kids flooding across our southern border last summer? Well, that won't happen this year: the State Department has a new program through which illegal immigrants can have Uncle Sam pay for plane tickets to get their kids to the US! When asked how much the program might cost, State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said: "I don't know." Since I'm paying for this outrageous scheme, I'd sure like to know how much. And the State Department has termed them to be refugees and thus eligible for other benefits to which other illegal aliens are not entitled.

In a related story, mothers at a Texas immigrant detention center have gone on a hunger strike to demand that they and their kids be released. I agree with them - they should be the border southbound. And they should get word back to Central America about the "terrible" conditions at the detention center so that others won't be so eager to come north.


2 Apr 15: Golly gee, am I surprised? Yesterday Obama's Department of Justice announced that it would NOT prosecute Lois Lerner of IRS-Gate fame for refusing to testify about her role in targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. And to make the decision even more interesting, it was issued by Ronald Machen, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, the day before his resignation. Might he have thought the decision could be controversial?


1 Apr 15: Hmmm, is this an auspicious day for the WxToad to resume his Musings? He knows his fans have missed him the past couple of months, but they can now relax and eagerly await his pearls of wisdom.

So, how about that Hillary? Boy, she sure learned well while working as a Watergate committee staffer back in the 1970's. President Nixon's downfall were those pesky tapes of conversations in the Oval Office - he didn't destroy them (well, except for that infamous 18-minute gap). So, says Hillary to herself: "The secret to hiding my dealings as Secretary of State from the people who pay me is two-fold: 1. Use my very own personal server in my very own basement, and 2. Use my very own private email, not an official government email address. That way, when the s--- hits the fan over my nefarious doings, all I have to do is delete all the emails. Presto! They can't prove a thing." Lying, obstruction of justice - no biggy.

And this is kind of person that half the country thinks ought to be our next president? You gotta be kidding me - how low can we sink!


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