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July 2015

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26 Jul 15: Another example of Obama's vow of transparency and open government: he has now ruled that Inspector Generals have to get the permission from the agency they're investigating to obtain records that would help in the investigation. So wouldn't that mean that if the government wants to investigate me for something that it should need my permission to do so?
25 Jul 15: For the past year or two, one of the major mantras from the left has been the need to "lift the poor out of poverty" by, among other things, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Some local governments have already done this in places like San Francisco and Seattle. But as usual, there are unintended consequences: some restaurants have closed, while others have tacked on a 15% surcharge and are telling customers that tipping is no longer necessary. But the most interesting result of this move is the reaction of some workers to this new largess - they don't like it! They are asking for reduced hours so they won't earn enough to lose their various gimmees from the government - health care subsidies, child care, housing assistance, food stamps, etc. It looks like not all the poor want to be lifted from poverty; they like all the free stuff that comes with it.
21 Jul 15: One America News host Tomi Lahren hit the nail on the head, zeroing in on President Obama in the wake of last week’s attacks on military personnel in Chattanooga and blasting the president for what she called a “half-baked” policy at fighting the Islamic State terror group. “This won’t take long, but it’s important,” she said at the outset of her monologue. “Four United States Marines are now dead. Climate change didn’t kill them. Lack of free community college did not kill them. The income gap, wage inequality — nope, not those things either. Gay marriage? Nope. Oh, white racism? Not that either. So what did? President Obama, if you won’t say it, I will: radical Islam.”
And while we're talking about about the Chattanooga tragedy, why hasn't Obama ordered the US flag to be lowered in honor of the slain Marines and sailor? Is it because they don't look like Trevor Martin?
16 Jul 15: President Obama took severe umbrage to CBS News"Major Garret's question about the US doing nothing during the Iranian negotiations about the four Americans being held in Iranian prisons. Besides strongly scolding Garrett for asking the question, the president explained that he needed to keep the talks with Iran based strictly on controlling their nuclear ambitions...and nothing else. So if that's the case, how come a deal on Iran's conventional weapons was added to the agreement when it was originally not an item for discussion?
15 Jul 15: Looks like the Taliban is coming to America! Remember those pictures a few years ago of them blowing up those ancient gigantic statues carved into the side of the mountain? The world was aghast. Well, now, thanks to the outrageous reaction to any and all things related to the Confederacy, we may see a very similar sight here. The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP wants the statues of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson removed from the side of Stone Mountain. This reaction to the tragic church shootings in Charleston has gotten totally out of control. I guess the next publications of US history books will remove all mention of the Civil War.
14 Jul 15: I went into our local office of our cellular provider this morning to talk to them about changing my phone plan. Before they would talk to me, however, they wanted to see my drivers' license and asked for my Social Security number. All just so I could ask a few questions. Now....isn't it interesting that the liberal crowd is so against some sort of identification for voters? Why is identification required for virtually everything we do these days....except voting?
13 Jul 15: Isn't it interesting that President Obama has been silent of the senseless killing of Kate Steinle by a 5-times deported illegal alien? The city of San Francisco has been flouting US law with its sanctuary city policy and yet Obama has nothing to say. Shame on him.
10 Jul 15: The entire political establishment is sure bent on stomping all over Donald Trump. Mainly because he is saying exactly what none of them have the guts to say. I have a strong feeling that a whole lot of average Americans agree completely with The Donald. Wish I knew why all politicians are pandering to Hispanics; oh yeah, I forgot - it's called votes. Liberals see the Hispanic vote as the key to beating conservatives at the polls.
9 Jul 15: The Hillary lies just keep on coming. Her latest: saying during her CNN interview the other day that she has never been given a subpoena. Oops, the very next day Representative Trey Gowdy released a copy of the subpoena that his committee sent to Hillary in March! Short memory.


2 Jul 15: Uh-oh, I just learned that I have been guilty of "micro-aggression. And I'll bet you have been also. According to Columbia University professor Derald Wind Sue, asking someone where he/she is from or calling America "the land of opportunity" is offensive. These and many other terms are now being presented to new faculty and staff at many colleges and universities so they won't offend students. "I believe the most qualified person should get the job" - taboo. "Everyone can succeeed in this society if they work hard enough" - no,no,no. Another professor Oi Yan Poon at Loyola University says that hearing statements like these can cause heart disease, diabetes, depression and substance abuse. Wow! Just because I asked where you were from?


1 Jul 15: I find it interesting that NBC has seen fit to sever its ties with Donald Trump over his (I admit) over the top comments about illegal immigrants, but yet they have decided to keep liar anchor Brian Williams on board, and even worse, they keep race-baiter Al Sharpton on the air.



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