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June 2015

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29 June 2015: Seems to me we're getting a bit carried away with political correctness following the tragic church shooting in Charleston. I'll grant that there is plenty of reason to question the flying of the Confederate flag over state capitols. But oh no, that's not enough: now the PC folks are demanding the removal of statues of Confederate military leaders and even more ridiculous are announcements from Amazon, Apple and eBay, among others, that they will no longer allow the sale of anything with the Confederate flag in or on it. Thus a popular game, Ultimate Generals: Gettysburg, used by lots of history teachers because of its adherence to historical accuracy, will no longer be available. Hmmm, I guess the Civil War never occurred. It'll be interesting to see how the next generation of history textbooks handles this. And oh yes, how come we're not eliminating all references to Stalin, Hitler or Che Guevara, whose image is a big seller on tee-shirts?
18 June 2015: You might think that the environmental community would be all in favor of solar and wind energy projects. Not in California. Bechtel has proposed a solar development in the Mojava Desert that would provide enough energy to power 170,000 Los Angeles homes. The Bureau of Land Management. which owns the land where the development would be located, reduced the permited size, but the green folks are against it because it is near an intersate highway underpass that 100 bighorn sheep may use in the future. The sheep are there now as is the underpass, which the sheep do not use today. But the environmentalists say they might use it in the future. No power for you!
18 June 2015: Here is a perfect example of what's wrong with civil discourse these days: "Witless Ape Ride Escalator" into WH race. That's Kevin Williamson in the National Review. The piece goes on to call The Donald an ass, "Not just an ass, but an ass of exceptionally intense asininity." Of course we knew it would take no time at all for the liberal media to go after Trump the same way they did Sarah Palin. Williamson has every right to disagree with Trump, but how does such language contribute to the debate?
8 June 2015: Will Holt recently passed away. Mr Holt was a song-writer, who penned a song recorded by many great singers: the Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, Chad and Jeremy, the Seekers, Herb Alpert and Trini Lopez. The song? "Lemon Tree". He also wrote "Raspberries, Strawberries" as well as a number of Broadway musicals. Born in Portland, Maine, Mr Holt was 86.
4 June 2015: Former Obama advisor David Axelrod quotes the president as saying: "You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office." Meanwhile, in advance of Queen Hillary's speech at Texas Southern University, the school put out the policy on media coverage. Reporters will be kept behind barricades and will even be assigned to special bathroom facilities to ensure they don't come into contact with the candidate. But the real kicker is this statement: "“There will be NO opportunities to interview Hillary Clinton. Her speech will be her interview.” Obviously that guidance comes from the Queen herself.
Do these people have any idea how absolutely stupid these statements make them appear?
1 June 2015: Have you stopped to think of all the ways in which common US citizens are considered to be criminals? Our property can be confiscated by the police when we have done nothing wrong. Banks have to report our banking transactions to the government, which can then seize our money only because we have violated some arbitrary limit on how much money we can deposit or withdraw at one time. There is no requirement for the government to prove...or even claim...that the money comes from illegal endeavors. And of course, there is the NSA surveillance of every phone call of every citizen, again when there has been absolutely no evidence of wrong-doing. From what I've seen, this surveillance has not been responsible for the capture of any terrorists. And even when there has been prior warning about proposed terror acts, such as the Boston Marathon bombing, phone surveillance provided no assistance. Our Founding Fathers would be appalled at the total loss of personal freedom for the citizens of this country.


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