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December 2015

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21 Dec 15: I wish Mr. Obama would make up his mind. Over the weekend he faulted the media for over-hyping the terror threat. Yet just a few days before that he had said that he hadn't realized the extent of people's fears because he didn't watch cable news. So if he doesn't watch, how does he know what the media is saying?


18 Dec 15: Students at Riverheads High School in Viirginia were tasked to complete a calligraphy assignment that included writing out the Muslim statement of faith: " There is no god but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." Female students in the class were invited to wear Muslim clothing. So where are the atheists and humanists who keep threatening schools over Christmas-related activities? I should think they would be against ANY religious activity, not just Christianity.


13 Dec 15: President Obama keeps telling us what an excellent vetting procedure we have in place to screen the projected influx of Syrian refugees. I'm not convinced.....especially after today's report that San Bernadino shooter Tashfeen Malik passed her background checks despite having previously made questionable social media posts about supporting jihad. It also appears she used a phony address and had attended an Islamist school in Pakistan that forges an anti-western view in students.


9 Dec 15: Here is a letter I submitted to the Washington Compost this morning:

    "The Washington Post, along with pretty much all other media and politicians of all ilk, has been guilty of lying by omission to the American people regarding Mr. Trump's comments on restricting Muslim travel. How come none of you include in your comments the rest of what Mr. Trump said: "...until our leaders figure out what's going on." He did NOT call for a permanent ban on Muslim travel to the US."


9 Dec 15: Another ridiculous student demand: Clyde A. Lynch was president of Cherry Vally College in Pennsylvania from 1932 until his death in 1950. Lynch led the college through the Great Depression and World War II and raised $550,000 for a new physical education building. His name is on Lynch Memorial Hall. But now students want the name changed because of the negative connotation of his name, evoking the public execution of blacks a hundred years ago.


3 Dec 15:

   1944: 18-20 year olds stormed enemy beaches, parachuted benamehind enemy lines, charged into battle and almost certain death.

   2015: 18-20 years old need "safe Zones" on college campuses to protect their fragile emotions from "offensive" words.


2 Dec 15: Did you know that slavery did not exist in America?  Or least Kentucky thinks so. Back in 1934 Ann Rice O'Hanlon painted a large (38'x11') mural in Memorial Hall that depicted, among other things, slaves workin in a field. In this new era of sensitivity, in which everyone seems to be offended by something or another, the university president, Eli Capilouto, calling the mural offensive, had it covered with a large shroud. And presto, just like that, a piece of history was erased and feelings were assuaged. Now the sensitive ones can go find something else that offends them....and trust me, they will!


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