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November 2015

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21 Nov 2015: Huntington Beach, CA: This past week a group of seventh graders were forced to learn a song promoting Islam. Salem, UT: high school freshmen were instructed to create a propaganda poster for terrorist organizations like the Islamic State. Are we now running taxpayer-funded Madrassas? Where are the atheists, free-thinkers and agnostics who won't let Amazing Grace or Christmas carols be sung i schools? How come they haven't filed their lawsuits over this? Oh yeah, they only attack Christians. Are they afraid of Muslims?
20 Nov 2015: "The science is settled - there is no debate". How often have we heard those words from the climate change prophets of doom? I'm a meteorogist and have followed this subject with some interest. Some scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA) have stepped forward, along with many other scientists, to say "Not so fast." Some of the NOAA scientists are claiming that NOAA cooked the data in a report issued a few months ago that said that had no been no pause in warming in recent years, despite the evidence that there had been. What is interesting the NOAA refuses to show the data used in its report; the NOAA Administrator, Kathryn Sullivan, has ignored a congressional subpoena ordering her to turn over the data, and now it appears that her boss, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, may be subpoened. My question is: "What are they hiding?" If the evidence so convincingly shows that warming has not paused, why wouldn't NOAA want to make it public?
8 Nov 2015: Interesting to hear everyone calling for Marco Rubio to resign his senate seat while campaigning to be president. I don't recall similar calls for Barack Obama to resign when he was running for the presidency back in 2008. Either they are very forgetful or very biased. Hmmm, I wonder which it is?
2 Nov 2015: Our gang of so-called national leaders sure have a lot of nerve to ask us to ante up even more in the way of taxes when they totally squander what we send them now. The latest example: the Department of Defense (DOD) spent $43 million in Afghanistan to build a natural gas service station - but everyone agrees that it should not have cost more than $500,000. Talk about a cost over-run! And now that the word is out, DOD is claiming it knows nothing about it. And at the same time they say that none of the people who worked in the office responsible now work for DOD. How convenient. Does this type of crap outrage anyone? And on it goes....


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