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October 2015

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30 Oct 15: Where is the League of Women Voters? Remember back when they used to conduct the presidential debates...with some dignity and respect? After the CNBC fiasco Wednesday night, we could sure use them back in charge. Whoever thought that the various networks could conduct debates with impartial moderators must have been smoking some good weed at the time. What a disgrace to the American public.
27 Oct 15: Ole Miss has solved the problem of racism and discrimination on its campus with a simple act: they took down the state flag which features the Confederate flag. So poof, just like that, with the flag gone, there will be peace and love across the campus. Yeah, right!
26 Oct 15: Mrs. Clinton issued a statement at 10:32 p.m. Sept. 11, 2012, the evening of the Benghazi attack, blaming the YouTube video. But at 11:12 p.m., she told her daughter, Chelsea, by email: “Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Qaeda-like group.” At 11:49 p.m., according to a State Department email, she told the president of Libya: “There is a gun battle ongoing, which I understand Ansar [al] Sharia”—the local al Qaeda affiliate—“is claiming responsibility for.” Why isn't America outraged by her proven lies? Isn't there someone more trustworthy for the position of president?
24 Oct 15: I am outraged! Two days ago Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, US Army, was killed in Iraq. Acting on a tip that dozens of ISIS-held hostages were about to be slaughtered, U.S. and Kurdish commandos stormed a prison in northeastern Iraq before dawn Thursday, rescuing the captives in a firefight that ended with Wheeler being shot to death. Wheeler, who earned multiple Bronze Star Medals among others, is the first to die in American combat operations against ISIS. But no, he didn't die in combat.But the Pentagon denies that US forces are involved in combat operations in Iraq and thus Wheeler did not die in combat. What a bunch of BS!! If being killed by ISIS in Iraq doesn't qualify as combat, I don't know what would. All to protect Obama's "legacy" that he has ended the war on terror. Just like the lies about Benghazi.
23 Oct 15: I'm thinking that the Republicans may be regretting asking Hillary Clinton to testify about Benghazi. Most of them came across as bullies and as much as I am no Hillary fan, I give her credit for keeping her cool. Too bad she continues to lie, however, even when presented with evidence that she just won't acknowledge.
19 Oct 15: This rant is for all of you who think the government is the answer to all our problems and can effectively manage things. Back in the spring of this year, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) revealed that its computer system had been hacked, and that personal information, including social security numbers, of millions of current and former federal employees had been stolen. Just a day ago I was notified  by OPM that my information was among that which had been compromised. The government has set up a credit and identity monitoring service for affected individuals. My notification letter included a PIN to use to log in to sign up for the protection. So I tried - after entering the PIN and filling out the questionnaire about who I am, I received an error message that they could not verify my identity and that I would have to call. So I called. "Oh, I'm sorry, all our specialists are busy and you'll need to call back later."
If the government can't properly manage anything now, why do so many people think that the government can take on even more monstrous programs, such as Medicare for all?
9 Oct 15: Why do politicians have no principles at all, always shifting their stand as the political winds shift a bit? The latest example of this is Hillary Clinton's recent statement that she is against the porposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade treaty. This despite her having said while Secretary of State that the treaty was "the Gold Standard" for such treaties. I wonder why the best treaty in the history of the world, so to speak, is now terrible for the US? It couldn't be because she needs to position herself further left than her main opponent, Bernie Sanders....could it?


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