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April 2016

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23 Apr 16: As I recall, President Obama was pretty upset last year when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the US and made a speech to Congress decrying the Iran Nuclear deal. Obama said that Netanyahu should not be interfering in our country's political discussions. But....apparently it's OK for Obama to do the same thing: on his recent trip to the United Kingdom, Obama urged Britons to stay in the European Union. The folks calling for England to pull out of the EU rightly said that Obama had no business interjecting himself in their politics.


11 Apr 16: CIA Director John Brennan said yesterday that the CIA would not use "extreme interrogation methods", including waterboarding, in the future, even if a president ordered it to do so. That's a very noble position for the CIA to take, the same CIA that for decades has been involved in assassinations and regime changes in foreign countries.


8 Apr 16: From The Blaze:

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6 Apr 2016: Wow! The world must be really ROTFL as they watch this election cycle.

First is the cast of characters: a self-avowed socialist, a megalomaniacal real estate tycoon, a far-right wing religious conservative zealot, a woman who ought to be in jail….and a governor who at least has generally not sunk to the gutter level of the other four. With a population of 323 million, is this the best we can come up with? Is this the best for which we are willing to settle?

Then there are the establishment party elite on both sides and their obsession with protecting their turf, i.e. money and power. The GOP, with the help of the mainstream media, is doing absolutely everything it can to deny Trump the nomination. They’re ready to settle for a senator whom none of his colleagues respect and who’s biggest claim to fame is shutting down the federal government. They brought out a proven loser, Romney, last month to espouse the “deny Trump the nomination” rhetoric. As for the Democrats, the DNC has been acting as the Hillary campaign committee, with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz doing everything in her power to promote Hillary’s cause. Democratic elites have another neat tactic for protecting their turf – super delegates who can subvert the will of the voters. Perhaps both parties need to take a serious look at the popularity of Trump and Sanders and try to understand it. But of course, they’ll never accept any of it because it threatens their power.

Don’t forget the money! I have never been able to figure out how bribery equals free speech. The super PACs are a joke. And sham corporations are set up in Delaware so the big boys with money can make anonymous donations. No sitting politician, government official or candidate should be allowed to have foundations through which bribes can be tendered.

The debates are ridiculous, as they are hosted and moderated by partisan networks and commentators. We need to convince the League of Women Voters to resume oversight of the debates, and PBS/NPR should be the sole outlet for broadcasting them. That would ensure the widest possible audience. That would eliminate the media bias, although I acknowledge that public TV and radio leans to the left. In my scenario, however, PBS/NPR would have no control over the content.

And finally is the outrageousness of the entire primary system. Every state has its own rules, most of which don’t make much sense. In some states, voters can vote in the other party’s primary to act as spoilers, some states don’t even have primaries, relying instead on caucuses, where only a few have a say. The system of stretching out primaries over 6 months is absurd – voters in states late in the process generally have no influence with their votes, although that may not be true this year. For a federal presidential election, the rules should be the same for every state. There ought to be a national primary day the day after Labor Day, followed two months later by the general election. Every voter should have the opportunity to go to the polls and vote for their party’s nominee.


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