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December 2016

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31 Dec 2016: As the year winds down today, let's take a quick look at Mr. Obama's economic legacy:

     - $19.9 trillion - our national debt

     - $9.2 trillion - how much the national debt increased under Mr. Obama

     - $1 trillion - the cost of Obamacare for a decade

     - $870 billion - the cost of added government regulations

     - $750 billion - our global trade defcicit in 2015

     - $680 billion - the increase in student debt under Mr. Obama

Happy New Year to all!


28 Dec 2016: Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has an interesting view of things. She says Democrats have a problem in that they are always "bending over backward to work with Republicans. When we're in power, we're nice." Hmmm, I'm not quite sure I saw any bending over backward during the Obamacare battle. Republicans were shut out completely and the Democrats had to resort to threats and bribery of their own members to come up with the necessary votes....along with using chicanery to pass it in the Senate without the normal 60-vote requirement.


20 Dec 2016: The Washington Compost's sub-title for the Electoral College vote yesterday: "Only a few defect from president-elect; Cinton loses some support". Isn't it interesting how one can state facts to fit one's view of things? In this case "a few" is two, while "some" is five. If I were writing that line, I could have said "Clinton's electoral college loss 2 1/2 times Trump's". But in reality, why not just present the facts? "Trump loses 2 electoral votes, Clinton 5"

Isn't it interesting that liberals were screaming for electoral voters to vote their consciences and as a result Hillary lost more votes than The Donald? And I find it even more interesting that the left, who has been demonizing Trump and his supporters as being hateful and dangerous, were the ones to threaten Republican electors with death!

Then there's Hillary's Bubba: “He doesn’t know much,” Bill Clinton said when asked if Trump was smart. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.” Ann Coulter tweeted a great reply to that: "What angry white men? They're all happy now."

Angry white men, the Russians, the FBI director, wikileaks, the electoral college....the excuses go on and on. Will Democrats ever realize that they have lost all touch of reality when it comes to their divisive "divide and conquer" gender and race politics AND that Hillary was a flawed candidate with no message?


19 Dec 2016: Oh, those poor city wrokers in New York City! They have been so devastated by Donald Trump's election that Mayor Bill Deblasio is offering free mental health counseling services to those folks whose lives have been ruined by the election results. When did Americans become such wimps that we can't accept the results of an election? What a waste of tax-payer dollars!


18 Dec 2016: Back during Obama's first campaign for the presidency, I recall Michelle making a comment about how she had never been proud to be an American until her husband was nominated. Apparently she still has a poor opinion of the country, having told Oprah recently that “We are feeling what not having hope feels like.” My, how inspirational is that?!" I would normally expect our outgoing president to be urging us to look ahead and work together to solve our country's problems. But then I remember that we're nearing the end of the reign of probably the most divisive president in history, so Michelle's comment doesn't surprise me. But at least it's good to know that what she’s now feeling is what half the country felt for most of the last eight years.


15 Dec 2016: Lots of chatter about how the Russkies swung the election for Trump. Those poor liberals just can't accept the real world: Hillary lost, get over it. But how about our own government doing the same thing? The Federal Times reports that the state of Georgia has contacted President-elect Trump asking for an investigation into the alleged hacking by the Department of Homeland Security of Georgia's Secretary of State computer network several times between February and November. What's that all about?


12 Dec 2016: Seems to me that so far President-elect Trump is making some darn good picks for his cabinet. Instead of academics with no experience actually doing anything useful, Trump is surrounding himself with principled, no-nonsense folks who are goal-oriented: go out and get the job done. I think this is most refreshing in a Washington mired in the muck of blather and no action.


5 Dec 2016: My my, what a hullabaloo over Trump's phone chat with the premier of Taiwan. The establishment, backed by the media, is bewailing this incident, making us think that we're on the verge of World War III as a result of it. "Oh my God, Trump has broken with almost 40 years of US policy that says we don't recognize Taiwan's independence. That's interesting considering that the US has sold Taiwan billions of dollars of defense weapons to Taiwan, and we certainly buy lots of their computers. Who says this policy is "right" anyway? Why is the establishment so afraid of China? We let China walk all over us, so maybe it's good that they sense a little pushback from the US. Another comment is that Trump doesn't have the authority as president or president-elect to change US policy. I find that a rather odd argument since Obama decided to change our policy of 60+ years towards Cuba. How come the president unialterally changing THAT policy is OK?

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