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February 2016

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26 Feb 16: Well now, that was quite the show last night, wasn't it? As Frank Bruni of the New York Slime put it: "Donald Trump and the Extremes", saying the three center stage clowns last night looked like Diane Ross and the Supremes. Everyone seems to think baby-faced Marco won the night; he and Cruz both reminded me of obnoxious brats. And what ridiculous rules that the 5 candidates supposedly agreed to: why would Kasich and Carson ever have agreed to the rule that says if your name is mentioned, then you get to respond? Wolfman Blitzer lost all control over things as Trump, Cruz and Rubio each stood there trying to talk louder than the other two. Great entertainment, but nothing of substance. Can't we please convince the League of Women Voters to re-assume the management of the debates? And take them away from the media outlets. What a farce!
22 Feb 16: "Hillary Clinton notched a decisive win in the Nevada caucuses Saturday" - those are CNN's words. Let's take a look at just how decisive that win was: the population of Nevada is 2,700,000. A total of 11,994 "votes" were cast at the caucuses. That is a rousing .0044% of the state's population! Bernie got 5678 votes while Hillary garnered 6316, a margin of 638 votes. Wow - now that is decisive! With such a miniscule portion of the state's people voting, I can only wonder why Nevada even bothers with its joke version of democracy.
14 Feb 16: We lost a great Supreme Court justice yesterday with the passing of Antonin Scalia. And what an uproar is already breaking out about the naming of a new justice. The Republicans think that Obama should defer nominating a candidate and let the next president make the selection, and they have vowed to block Obama's choice if he does submit someone for Senate confirmation. Obama, of course, has every intention of nominating someone, and I can't even begin to think of how far left he will go in his choice in order to ensure his legacy.
Like it or not, Obama has every right to nominate someone. I would like to see him pick someone who might at least be barely palatable to the GOP and they could confirm. What an excellent opportunity to show a commitment to our Consitution if both sides could do this. But you know and I know it will never happen. What a shame.
10 Feb 16: Ah, my home state of New Hampshire - love them folks up there where I grew up many years ago. Voters there sure stood the political establishment on its end. The politicians still can't figure what it is that Bernie and the Donald are peddling that attracts voters. Shows how stupid the pols are!
Came across a great line that someone posted as a comment on some blog: "Voting for Hillary because she is a woman is like picking a treat out of the kitty litter box because it looks like a Tootsie roll."


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