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January 2016

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31 Jan 16: This little item shows how well those smart, well-meaning folks we elect to represent our interests in Washington are doing their jobs - NOT! Since the turn of the century the Department of Defense has completely and totally wasted over 52 billion dollars with absolutely nothing to show for it and leaving us taxpayers with our pockets turned inside out. Fifteen different defense projects, ranging from ships to airplanes to armored vehicles were all cancelled. And yet Washington is always wanting more from us. But as is always the case, no one is held accountable.


28 Jan 16: I have an important question today: In the TV ad for Lyrica, it shows a woman standing on the dock while hubby and the kids paddle off in a canoe. A bit later she is in the canoe with them. How did that happen? How did she get from the dock to the canoe?


27 Jan 16: Bernie paid a visit to the White House today. I wonder if he asked Obama whether he would prosecute Hillary if the the FBI so recommmends. Eiither way, Hillary loses. She certainly cannot stick to her claim of a vast right-wing conspiracy if indicted by the Attorney General. And even if not indicted, the stigma attached to the recommendation should be enough to force her out of the race. I sure hope so.


15 Jan 16: So now we learn the Obama adminstration wants to spend 3.9 billion dollars over the next decade on research regarding driverless cars. Why??? Google, the auto makers and others are already on a fast pace developing this technology. Why does the government have to get involved and waste nearly 4 billion of taxpayer dollars? Enough is enough.


9 Jan 16: I’m beginning to think Hillary could kill someone in broad daylight in front of a crowd of thousands while it was televised, and she would get away with it. For the life of me I cannot figure out why so many people think she is God’s gift to the US. The latest episode that got me riled up was the latest release of some of her emails, including one in which she clearly tells top adviser Jake Sullivan, who can’t find a secure fax, to violate the law by stripping the security classification markings from the document and sending it to her private email: “If they can’t (find secure fax), turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure.” We don’t know if Sullivan followed through. But Clinton’s order is clear — and the order violates the laws on handling classified material. And that raises the question of how often that was done. I used to have a Top Secret clearance and I can tell you that if I had done only a fraction of what she seems to have done in her handling of classified material, I would definitely have done some jail time.

8 Jan 16: California recently put into effect an updated sex education curriculum. Now the government will be indoctrinating our children into the loose and perverse sexology of liberals. If you send your child to a public school in California, he or she will be taught about specific sexual behaviors and activities, the normalization of HIV and AIDS, condemnation of stereotypes regarding perverse sexual activities, contraceptive methods, abortifacient medications, and how to seek an abortion if contraception is forgotten or misused. What happened to good old reading, writing and arithmetic? Let's dumb our kids down even more. And oh yeah, it doesn't matter how parents want to handle sex issues with their kids - those know-all progressives are ensuring that the parents' beliefs don't mattter one whit.
In another sexual/gender issue, New York City and WAshington state have made it illegal to call a man a man or a woman a woman. Even if a male appears in all outward appearances to be man, he can say he's a woman...or an it...or whatever, and you can be hit with a 350,000 fine!
And Washinngton state also says anyone can use any bathroom he'she/it wants to. Look out, ladies - the perverts will be there with you.


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