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May 2016

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25 May 16: Another memory question for you: Cato, Inspector Clouseau's manservant who was always attacking his employer to keep him alert? I remember the character very well, but I sure couldn't have told you his name. Burt Twouk passed away yesterday at the age of 85. Born in England and raised in Shanghai, Twouk graduated from Bowdoin Collage in 1953. Appearing in many movies, it was his Cato role that brought him fame.
22 May 16: The height of hypocrisy: Ben Rhodes, an advisor to Barack Obama, was interviewed by the New York Times for a major fluff piece in the NYT Magazine. In it Rhodes talked about how the administration hoodwinked the media into presenting the American public with false information about the Iran nuclear deal. So Congress invited Rhodes to come testify about it, but Obama wouldn't let him. Well gee whiz, if he can blab to the NYT about it, why shouldn't he talk to Congress? Another instance of Obama's transperancy that we were promised.


21 May 16: Remember "Willllbuurrrr", Mister Ed's friend? Alan Young was Wilbur Post, the only man who could hear Mister Ed talking to him, and passed away recently at the age of 96. When first asked if he wanted to role, Young is reported to have turned it down, saying he didn't want to work with anyone who didn't clean up after himself.


5 May 16: Well, the Donald appears to have pulled it off to become the GOP nominee for President. Now it's great fun sitting back and watching the establishment squirm and say they won't support him. Who cares what "the people" want? I'm betting that the GOP will soon announce a super-delegate system similar to the Democrats to prevent the will of "the people" from choosing someone outside the club in the future. 


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