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July 2016

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28 Jul 2016: The Hillary email fiasco took an interesting turn yesterday after Donald Trump said the Russians should hand over (if they have them) the 30,000 "deleted" emails that Hillary claims were personal. After Trump's comment, her spokesman issued a statement saying that was a bad idea, since her emails were a matter of national security. Huh?? I thought those emails dealt with Chelsea's wedding plans and mundane stuff like yoga lessons. That's what Hillary has claimed. How are those a national security issue?
27 Jul 2016: Yesterday the Democratic National Convention brought Treyvon Martin's mother and other members of the Mothers of the Movement to the stage to talk about their loses caused by shootings. I'd like to know some mothers or wives of slain police officers were not invited as well?
25 Jul 2016: Did you know that your refrigerator is more of a threat to our way of life than ISIS? So says our esteemed Secretary of State John Kerry.
25 Jul 2016: Ah, at last this is week in which we will finally the word "Presumptive" retired in referring to Trupm and Hillary. How many bleeping times have we heard that in the past couple of months?
25 Jul 2016: Bye-bye, Debbie! Thanks to hackers and Wiki-Leaks, we now know that the left is guilty of exactly what they have been attacking Donald Trump for, hateful speech. And alhough it was always quite obvious, we also know that Bernie Sanders was right months ago when he charged the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with overt favoritism towards Hillary Clinton. Don't you just love politicians?!
16 Jul 2016: What a double-standard the liberals have imposed on our country. Following the shootings of five white police officers in Dallas, the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper used a headline saying "Gunman Targeted Whites", which is exactly what happened. Yet protestors gathered outside the paper's offices and after meeting with them, the paper's editor quickly apologized. Yet the liberal media is quick to stress the race of blacks killed by police. Why shouldn't it cut both ways?
13 Jul 2016: The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has determined that China has violated the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea by its building of bases on reefs in the South China Sea. China has called the proceedings a farce and appears to be on track to totally ignore the ruling. I have a feeling that, as usual, the United Nations will do nothing to enforce the what's the point? The UN ought to tell China it has six months to remove all personnel and any equipment they want, and then the UN should bomb the new "islands" to smithereens. Otherwise, the UN might just as well close up shop and stop wasting our money.
12 Jul 2016: Defenders of our Constitution should be calling for the resignation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg from the US Supreme Court. On Sunday she came out with very strong words against Donald Trump, and the next day she refused to backtrack at all. So if the fall election should come down to a Bush-Gore type of scenario, she would have to recuse herself. And the same would be true for any case involving a Trump presidency.
6 Jul 2016: Teflon Hillary - she has proven herself to be as slick as mob boss John Gotti. FBI Director William Comey announced yesterday that Hillary will NOT be prosecuted for putting the national security of the United States in jeopardy. Remember Sandy Berger, David Petraeus, John Deutch? They were all prosecuted for lesser discretions involving classified material. Different rules for the Clintons. What an outstanding presidential candidate - a true paragon of virtue!



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