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November 2016

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28 Nov 16: Isn't it interesting! After the final debate the media went crazy over Trump's refusal to answer whether he would accept the results of the election. Even Hillary attacked him for his failure to answer the question, saying that she would accept the results. OK, if that's the case, why has she joined Green candidate Jill Stein in her quest for audits/recounts in several states? And why isn't the media jumping all over Hillary for doing so?


22 Nov 16: What the bleep is going on in this country??? The Denver. CO, Sheriff's Department has been charged by Obama's Department of Justice with discriminating against non-citizens by not hiring them and will be paying a $10,000 fine.

And oh yes, yet another instance of liberals going nuts: Hampshire College in MA has decided that it will no longer fly the US flag on campus, being unhappy with the election of Donald Trump. Officials claim the flag represents "racism and hatred." Seems like it's the left that is filled with hatred and intolerance. I sure hope Mr. Trump cuts off any federal money the college may receive.


17 Nov 16: During the last debate of the presidential campaign, Trump was asked if he would accept the result of the election. When he joked about accepting it if he won, the left went nuts with the media really playing up his refusal to commit. But now after the election, we see the liberal left not accepting the election results. Look at all the protests taking place in cities across the US, some with violence. Businesses have been looted, major highways blocked and suspected Trump supporters have been beaten. Just yesterday a Maryland high school student wearing a Trump hat was beaten by anti-Trump high-school students! How come these people aren't being held to the same standard that Trump was expected to meet?

And I sure have to shake my head at the Republicans who insisted that the GOP have a loyalty pledge for the primary, insisting that Trump sign it. He did...and they did. Then after Trump became the GOP candidate, some of those same people refused to support Trump. And the politicians wonder why the average citizien is so fed up with them?


12 Nov 16: Four years ago I was quite dismayed and frustrated when Obama won his second term. I truly thought that voters would have had enough of his shenanigans during his first term that they would not give him another four years. Now, disappointed as I was, it never crossed my mind to go out and riot - to destroy property, beat up people and throw molotov cocktails at the police. Can you even begin to imagine the media coverage if the conservative right had acted in such a way to Obama's election? Although Obama did reference the protests in his Veterans Day address yesterday, the press did not give it very prominent attention and I haven't seen Hillary come forward to try to calm down her supporters. Rather sad. Life goes on, you spoiled brats - we survived eight years of Obama, I think we'll survive Trump just fine.


10 Nov 16: I usually watch the first half-hour or so of Morning Joe when I wake up in the morning, but can't take much more than that. This morning, however, I watched for over an hour as Joe and the panel conducted a very interesting analysis of how the media actually contributed to Trump's victory. Overall the media totally failed to see or understand why voters were so upset. So-called journalists totally forgot their role, letting their personal views permeate their so-called reporting. Opinions go on the editorial page, not the front page. But the average working stiff saw through their blather and I think the blather actually encouraged more average Joe's to get out and vote.

Another blunder on the part of the media was convincing America that Hillary was a shoo-in with a 90% or more chance of winning. That undoubtedly caused many Hillary supporters to relax and not do as much as they might have, thinking "She's a sure bet, so why do I need to spend hours making phone calls or knocking on doors." But I'm glad the media blew this approach.

Dana Milbank had a column in today's Washington Compost that was quite interesting due to his total failure to recognize what he was saying. The gist of his article dealt with what to tell his 13-year old daughter who was frightened by all the terrible things she had been reading and hearing about Trump. Milbank Goes on to say that he had done his best to prevent Trump from winning by continually writing about all the "horrible" things in Trump's past and also about Trump "could" do if elected. In other words, Milbank was writing those things that had his daughter so upset. Duh!


9 Nov 16: Well now, haven't the past 24 hours been rather interesting?! Who ever woulda thunk that the Donald could pull it off? But he did, much to the dismay of the liberal left. Such hand-wringing and caustic attacks the likes of which I have never seen after an election.It sure was fun watching "Morning Joe" on MSNBC this morning.

Social media has gone nuts with posts describing how families have been torn apart by the differing political views of family members. Our grand-daughter shared with us some Facebook posts from her college friends. One girl, a Mount Holyoke College student, ranted on about the bigotry, racism, misogyny etc. of Trump and his supporters. But her rant didn't carry much weight with me, seeing as how it was laden with F-bomb after F-bomb - seems to me she was quite guilty of exactly the things she was accusing Trump supporters of.

Then there are the college students so traumatized by the election results that they can't go to class. And some professors are going along with this, canceling classes and re-scheduling tests.

I imagine there must be lot of donors to the Clinton Foundation over the past four years with some serious buyers remorse. Now they won't be able to reap the favors their donations were to be due. Will they demand refunds?

The value of a Bill or Hillary speech ought to drop drastically now.

I had stopped wearing my "Make American Great Again" hat a few weeks ago - I guess I can now put it back at the front of my hat shelf.

Congratulations, Mr. Trump!


4 Nov 16: So here we are with a just few days to go before the most interesting presidential election in my lifetime. Already some Republicans are signaling that they plan to do everything they can to obstruct Hillary should she be the victor. Those signals include the I-word: impeachment. Although I agree Hillary is a liar and guilty of endangering national security, attempting to impeach her would be a total waste of time and money. The GOP may have enough votes to pass the article of impeachment in the House of Representatives, but they will be far from having the necessary two-thirds majority needed for conviction in the Senate. So why bother? Let's devote time and energy to addressing some of the major problems the country faces.

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