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September 2016

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29 Sep 16: My sister and all my liberal friends will be pleased to know that I have retired my "Make America Great Again" hat. The Donald disappointed me greatly with his debate performance. It was obvious he made no effort to study and prepare for the debate and he failed to present a demeanor and temperament that was anywhere near that of a suitable presidential candidate. However, in my mind, Hillary didn't present herself very well either. Yes, she had certainly prepped for the debate, tossing out her talking points left and right, but her smug smile really turned me off. Both candidates were short on specifics of how they would actually do the things they propose. So what do I do now when I enter the voting booth in November. Hmmm, maybe it's time to write-in the WxToad!
25 Sep 16: Are you ready to rumble? The BIG debate is tomorrow night and could prove to be quite entertaining. It appears that Hillary is not very confident in her debating skills, for her staff is virtually insisting that moderator Lester Holt act as a fact-checker and call out The Donald for his lies. I'm sorry, Hillary, but that is NOT the moderator's job....that is your job as his opponent.
17 Sep 16: I wish someone could explain to me why liberals/progressives seem to dislike our country so much. Case in point: they defend the football guy, Colin Kaepernick, for refusing to stand during the national anthem. Actually, I do too, although I don't agree with his method of calling attention to his concern. But then we have the OK Conference, a 50-school athletic conference in Michigan which recently banned the chanting of "USA,USA!" at high school football games.  Fans can still chant it immediately after the anthem is played, but after that it is considered offensive! The conference commissioner, Jim Haskins, says "there have been reports that fans have been using USA as a disguise to taunt opposing teams, players and spectators." I'm not sure I see the connection. Just another instance of liberal political correctness.
10 Sep 16: "Basket of deplorables" - how much lower can our political discourse sink? Not once, but twice in three days Hillary Clinton used that term to describe half of Donald Trump's supporters: racist, misogynistic, homophobic and  bigoted. And her audience laughed, finding that hilarious. Ah but all is well - she has apologized: "Last night I was 'grossly generalistic,' and that's never a good idea. I regret saying 'half' -- that was wrong." Note that she's not apologizing for the remark in general, but only the number she puts in that basket. This from the candidate whose motto is "Strong Together".
1 Sep 16: Accountability.....or lack thereof: a recent US Patent and Trademark Office Inpector General (IG) investigation found that a number of patent examiners had defrauded the government of at least $18.3 million by falsifying their work time reporting. But here's the kicker: no action will be taken against the scofflaws because "privacy laws" preclude the IG from turning over their names! What???


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