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August 2015

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27 Aug 15: Thank you, Mr. Obama, for bilking the American taxpayers out of half a billion dollars! Your support of Solyndra back in 2009 as a showcase of green energy sure turned into a major debacle. Investigations have shown that Solyndra lied to federal loan officials about their financial prospects, saying they had $2.2 billion in contracts. What Solyndra officials left out were the steep discounts they were secretly offering in order to keep customers. On top of that federal officials failed to fully examine Solyndra's filings and some have added that they felt pressure from the Obama administration to approve the loan. Why is the government even involved in commericial enterprise? I don't recall seeing anything in the Constitution abnout the government picking and choosing winners and losers....and funding them.


26 Aug 15: Tragedy on live TV this morning in Roanoke, VA. A disgruntled former employee of a TV station shot and killed a reporter and a cameraman during a live TV interview. Where's the outrage? Oh yes, I forget - white lives do not matter, only black lives. How come it's not a big deal when a black kills a white, but it sure becomes a big deal when a black is the victim of a white shooter. How bleeping hypocritical can the media get?


24 Aug 15: Political Correctness gone amok? You decide:

- Lunch bags are now racist. Elliot Bronstein of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights sent a memo to the public-affairs office banning the term “brown bag” as in brown-bag lunches.

- Bronstein also cautions against using the word "citizen". Why? Because not everyone who lives in Seattle is a citizen, but rather a resident.

- In England, Scotland and Australia the nursery rhyme "Baa baa black sheep" has been changed to "Baa baa rainbow sheep".

- The University of Georgia has banned hoop skirts being worn at campus functions. The Washington Compost's Elizabeth Boyd writes that this decision should go national: "The Southern belle performances routinely staged on campuses across the South constitute choreography of exclusion . . . young white women serve as signs of nostalgia for a bygone, segregated South and all its attendant privileges."

- HBO writer-producer David Simon (The Wire, Treme) severely criticized libertarians and suggested that libertarian rhetoric about “freedom” and “liberty” is just code for racism.


20 Aug 15: My, my, what a great legacy Obama is going to leave behind regarding this "historic" nuclear deal with Iran. I guess it is "historic" - an historic foreign policy blunder. So let's see why this deal is so "wonderful":

- Iran gets sanctions lifted and most of its frozen assets release, so now they'll have billions more dollars with which to fund terrorism around the globe.

- There will be no "no-notice" inspections of nuclear facilities. Instead we give them 24 day notice.

- A secret side deal lets Iran inspect its own operations at the ultra-secret Parchin facility. Gee, let's have the fox in charge of the henhouse - what could possibly go wrong?

- Another secret side deal is a letter from Obama to the Chinese, German, French, and British governments saying that if Iran violates the parameters of a recently inked nuclear accord, companies from those countries will not be penalized for doing business with Iran. That really puts teeth into the "snap-back" of sanctions, doesn't it?

What's with all these secret side deals anyway? Could it be that Obama knows how outraged us stupid voters would be if we knew what he was really agreeing to?


12 Aug 15: The heat finally got too much for Hillary - she finally agreed yesterday to turn her private email server over to the FBI. So as I sat down for my daily read of the Washington (Com)post this morning, I expected that would be the big story on the front page.  Nope, had to go to page two to find it. I guess Post owner Jeff Bezoz must be a Clinton crony. Isn't it interesting that back in 2004 Howard Dean's enthusiastic scream was enough to scuttle his candidacy, but despite all her lies and law-breaking, Hillary just keeps on ticking. If this private email server/classified email imbroglio had happened to absolutely anyone else, that person wouild have been toast a long time ago. I would sure like to know how the Teflon Clintons keep getting away with so much illegal activity. Threats?  Bribes?  Murder?


7 Aug 15: On 26 Jul 2015 a policeman shot and killed 19 year old Zachary Hammond in Seneca, SC. The officer claims that Hammond tried to run him over, but interestingly, the autopsy revealed that Hammond had been shot twice in the back! No national media outrage over this killing, however. Oh, did I mention that Hammond was white?  Black Lives Matter....but not White Lives.


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