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August 2017

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29 Aug 2017: Two weeks ago the Liberal Loonies went berserk because they didn't think President Trump denounced strongly enough the so-called "alt-right" that they claimed caused all the violence in Charlottesville. Just two days in Berkeley, CA, radical left anarchists and members of the antifa attacked peaceful conservative folks holding a rally. Berkeley police even contributed to the event by stepping back and giving the the thugs access to the rally. So what I want to know is: where is the outrage from the elite left over this violence? C'mon, Nancy Pelosi and others, speak up!
28 Aug 2017: As one might expect, a free-speech rally in Berkeley, CA, turned violent yesterday, It wasn't the right that caused the violence, but rather it was the black-clad, hooded anarchists, the antifa, that turned things violent, attacking members of the peaceful rally. Two things about this: The first is that the hooded thugs were carrying shields and banners saying "No hate" - then they start beating up people. The second item is how the Berkeley police let it happen. Rather than try to keep the to groups separate, cops removed barriers and let the anarchists into the area where the peaceful rally was taking place.
26 Aug 2017: When is Hillary going to wake up and realize that every time she pens a few words or says anything she comes across as a total whining idiot. Most recently there have been clips of her reading from her new book about how Donald Trump freaked her out during the debates by standing right behind her. Hillary says her skin crawled. But....if you watch the debate, she moved over onto his side of the stage in front of him!
23 Aug 2017: Good grief, we really have gone totally insane! ESPN has re-assigned one of its sportscasters because of his name. Asian-American Robert Lee was to cover the University of Virginia football game this weekend, but ESPN evidently finds him offensive and a threat to society because of his name. Give me a break. No wonder ESPN is losing viewers - people don't want politics entwined with sports.
22 Aug 2017: The media seems to have tired of the Russian collusion story - a year now and no evidence of anything. So now they are pushing a new narrative - the Confederacy and the push to totally re-write our country's history.
18 Aug 2017: I've been thinking that maybe this latest uproar over Civil War statues may be just what is needed to put an end to the claims of racism that we hear every day. Let's remove all statues of anyone even remotely connected to the Confederacy and/or the Civil War. Let's plow under all cemeteries that even just one Confederate soldier buried in them. We must rename all streets and we certainly have to raze Mount Vernon, Monticello and other estates of slave owners. We then purge US history books of all mention of the Civil War. And presto - it never happened! And since it never happened, liberals and African-Americans should live happily ever after, safe and secure in the knowledge that slavery never existed and thus they no longer need to call conservative whites racist. Peace and harmony shall reign!
16 Aug 2017: The Taliban has arrived in America! Just as it destroyed all vestiges of religious antiquities in Afghanistan, it now wants to remove US history. Removing statues of Confederate heros is just the beginning. Stacy Adams, a candidate for Georgia governor, wants to destroy the Stone Mountain Memorial with its huge carved images of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. That should be quite a blast, similar to the Taliban's explosion that brought down the huge figues carved into the Afghan hillside. What about Mount Vernon? That must be destroyed since George Washington was a slave-owner. What will all this accomplish? Our nation's history will still be same with or without the statues.
13 Aug 2017: What a  tragedy in Charlottesville yesterday! President Trump put out a statement expressing his sadness and anger over the incident. But of course, his critics immediately jumped on him because he did not not denounce the white nationalists by name. What difference does it make? And where are these same critics when the violence is instigated by left-leaning anarchists and the so-called antifa? How come their violence doesn't demand condemnation by name? The Washington Compost this morning demonstrated its bias: the lead editorial criticized Trump for his statement, yet in the same issue ran a story about anarchists and how "noble" their cause is. You have to be kidding me.
10 Aug 2017: Since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, over $16 billion dollars have been spent on improving the levees and pumping systems. How did that work out? Last weekend New Orleans received nine inches of rain...and found itself flooded! The pumps couldn't keep up with the rain. I can't imagine that this rain event gives New Orleans resident much confidence in how they'll fare when the next Katrina hits. And as a taxpayer, I'm not impressed by what was done with my $16 billion.
9 Aug 2017: Senate majority leader Mitch McConnel says President Trump is too impatient and doesn't understand the process that gets things done in DC. Hmmm, Mitch, I'm not impressed with your process. Example - healthcare reform: you and your GOP colleagues had seven years to put a replacement plan in place, and yet you didn't. And when you knew that Obama would veto it, you voted for repeal. Now that you have a president who would sign it, you and your colleagues have become gutless. You are exactly why Trump was elected. The American voters are not impressed with your process.
3 Aug 2017:The Washington Compost is appalled at the thought of the Trump administration re-opening the investigation of Hillary Clinton, calling the idea "astounding" and claiming that such a move would be unheard of in this country. Huh? Hillary is a Clinton so she gets a free pass? What about her Russian collusion? And the Clinton Foundation's Pay-to-Play scheme in which Hillary and Bubba took in hundreds of millions of dollars in return for favor from the Hillary State Department? Loretta Lynch's and Bubba's private little tete-a-tete on the tarmac to talk bout the grandkids - how stupid do they think we are? How come the election winner gets investigated, but not the loser? Oh yeah, right - she's a Clinton.
2 Aug 2017: Have you tried to open a Band-Aid envelope lately? What happened to those little red strings you pulled to tear open the side of the envelope? Next came envelopes with separated tabs at one that you could peel apart. Now....nothing. You just have to rip that little sucker open as best you can. Progress in Packaging.

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