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December 2017

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29 Dec 17:Are you getting as sick of the race card as I am? How ridiculous have we become? We have racist trees, racist farmers markets, racist Christmas songs (Jingle Bells) and the Drexel University professor who tweeted last year that all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide. And of course there's US Representative Sheila Jackson Lee who tosses out the race card left and right.


28 Dec 17: On C-Span's Washington Journal this morning, viewers were calling in and complaining about "all of Trump's lies". But when asked to name a specific lie, they each deflected with generalities and rants, but no one offered an example. I can't help wondering if they were as upset over over Obama's lies about Obamacare, Benghazi, the Iran deal, just to name three. Be consistent, folks: apply your standards evenly to everyone.


28 Dec 17: Waaaaah! Last weekend Vanity Fair issued a brief video making fun of Hillary Clinton. It was pretty light-hearted stuff, nothing like the vitriol that the left heaps on President Trump, but even so, liberals went berzerk, taking to Twitter to slam Vanity Fair and after only a day or two, Vanity Fair caved to the shaming, issuing an apology. Gee, do you think Rosie O'Donnell and Kathy Griffin should apologize for their outrageous anti-Trump rants?


24 Dec 17: Another great use of our taxpayer dollars: a $50,400 grant to Eric Mandelbaum, a "philosopher and cognitive scientist" at City University of New York, who believes that Fox News can brainwash liberals. His premise is the news crawl at the bottom of the screen could unconsciously influence viewers. "The reluctant liberal Fox News viewer, then, will not merely unwillingly accept information (e.g.,) embedded in the crawl, but will integrate that information with other previously held beliefs," he wrote. So my comment is: wouldn't conservative viewers face the same danger from watching MSNBC or CNN?


20 Dec 17: In Milwaukee, Roman Catholic priest Gregory Greiten came out as gay...and received a standing ovation from his flock. So priests are not supposed to have sexual relations with a woman, but it's OK with another man? What am I missing here?


19 Dec 17: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe testified today for eight hours in a closed session. I'd like to know why the hearing was closed - we deserve to hear his version of the corruptness that seems to have infected the upper levels of the FBI. Claims that his testimony is a national security issue are totally specious - this is strictly an attempt to hide improprieties and malfeasance.


12 Dec 17: It seems to me that Presdent Trump's war with the media is quite justified - just in the past couple of weeks the press has shown just how unethical and dishonest it is:

- ABC's Brian Ross reported that Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that Trump had instructed him to make contact with the Russians before the election. No, those instructions came AFTER the election and there was nothing illegal about them. Meanwhile, the stock market tanked before Ross finally corrected the story later in the day.

- Reuters and Bloomberg both erroneously reported that special counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Trump's personal financial records from Deutchses Bank. Nope, not true.

- CNN, CBS and MSNBC were giddy with delight in reporting that the Trump campaign had been given access to the Wikileaks DNC emails before they were published. Another no - the Trump team was told about the documents the day AFTER they were publicly released.

- Gloria Allred, lawyer and officer of the court, presented doctored evidence in support of woman claiming harassment on the part of Roy Moore many years ago. The main stream media never questioned it.

I think we need to start a crusade to get CNN removed from major airports all around the country. Why should a news organization that is so biased and unethical be allowed to be the only news source air travelers see?


5 Dec 17: The Department of Labor wants to require that service employees such as waiters/waitresses, etc., pool their tips. I grew up in a tourist town and worked in one of the nicest (and priciest) restaurants in town. I was good at my job of waiting on table - I chatted up my patrons a bit and I hustled to give them the best service I could. Thanks to my "hustle" attitude, I earned more in tips than most of the other wait staff and it was MINE. We did each give 10% of our tips to the busboys who cleared the tables, but otherwise what I earned was mine. I would resent a great deal being forced to share my hard-earned tips with others who didn't see the need to "hustle". This smacks of socialism, where the hard workers are penalized and the slackers are rewarded. I could expect such action from the loony left, but I'm surprised that the Trump administration would back this. But then I read a little more: under this proposal, the employer could keep anything the workers earn about the minimum wage! The goal is to bring up the pay of the lower-paid behind-the-scenes staff such as dishwashers. Well, darn it - raise their minimum pay, but don't steal my hard-earned tips to accomplish that. If this becomes the rule, wait staff performance will drop and people will stop leaving tips at all. Unintended consequences!


2 Dec 17: Yesterday a former NSA employee, Nghia Hoang Pho, pled guilty to charges of storing classified information on his home computer. Prosecutors plan to seek an 8-year sentence, saying that "The facts supporting this criminal charge display a total disregard of the defendant’s oath and promise to protect our nation’s national security, Such conduct cannot and will not be tolerated.” Unless your name is Hillary!

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