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June 2017

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30 Jun 17: Illegal immigrants have figured out how to strike it rich: Pedro Figuear-Zarceno is an illegal from El Salvador who reported his stolen car to San Francisco police. Police later called to say they had found his car and Figuear-Zarceno went to clam it. He was detained by police who called federal authorities. He was jailed for two months and has been fighting his deportation ever since. So...he sued the city of San Francisco for violating its sanctuary city law and the city agreed to settle for $190,000! Boy, I'm sure glad I'm not an SF resident being forced to pay a criminal for his crime!
3 Jun 17: Wow! Did you see that Kathy Griffin press conference yesterday? All she did was dig her hole even deeper and look like even more of an idiot. Now she blames Trump for bullying and breaking her. Gimme a break - what does she expect after her little bloddied-head stunt? How come these Looney Lefties love to to dish it out but met down completely when on the receiving end? She and Hillary are doing a great job of proving how totally irrelevant they are today. Say farewell, ladies; your time has come and gone.
2 Jun 17: Let's talk about Kathy Griffin today. Can you imagine the outrage had someone done that during the past eight years with a bloodied head of Barack Obama? At least even the left seems to agree that she went a little too far. Well, not quite everyone. Supposedly Sen Al Franken has some event scheduled with Griffin and he plans to go through with it. That must be the Comedians' Credo: "We'll stick together no matter what." But today there is even more to this story. It is reported that Griffin has a press conference schedule today at which she will be complaining that she is being attacked by the Trump family. Well, DUH!, lady, what would you expect?
1 Jun 17: Someone needs to get Hillary's ear and tell her she needs to go back to Chappaqua and resume her walks in the woods. What a bunch of whining and excuse-making she is presenting. This only proves that she most definitely does not have the temperament to be president. She certainly has no insight and does not recognize that SHE (not Comey, the Russians or Wikileaks) lost the election.

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