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March 2017

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23 Mar 17: We lived in Maryland for 11 years - glad to say we're no longer there. Just a few days after the alleged brutal rape and sodomy of a 14-year old girl at Rockville High School by two illegal immigrants, the solons of Maryland voted to make Maryland a sanctuary state! What????
22 Mar 17: I just love the Dakota Access pipeline protestors - obviously they are sincerely interested in protecting and preserving a pristine environment. I'm sure that's why they left behind over 4 million pounds of trash and several hundred abandoned vehicles to be swept away when the river next floods. Instead, you and I as taxpayers paid several millions to have it cleaned up. But that pales in comparison to their latest tactic: using blow-torches to burn holes in the pipe at above-ground valve sites. Fortunately oil is not flowing yet, but just think of the outcome if it were. The folks who are protesting the pipeline because of the environmental damage it could cause if breached would be responsible for exactly that. On the other hand, with a little luck, they would have blown themselves up.
18 Mar 17: $68,000 - that's the amount that General Michael Flynn was paid by Russian interests for some work he did for them. Sixty-eight thousand.....and the Lefty Loonies are in an uproar over it. They sure didn't get this excited when we learned that Hillary and Bill had received millions of dollars from Russian interests. What a bunch of hypocrites!
17 Mar 17: I wonder how many Thin Mints you have to eat before they start to work?
15 Mar 17: Well my goodness! Rachel Maddow sure blew the lid off the controversy about Donald Trump's tax returns last night. After a dramatic build-up akin to Geraldo's Al Capone vault show, we learned that yes, 12 years ago in 2005, President Trump actually paid taxes! $35 million worth - what an astounding revelation! What the MadCow didn't mention that his tax rate of 25% was higher than that of former president Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, Mitt Romney and Warren Buffet. Good job, Rachel, we're all so very proud of you.
7 Mar 17: This whole Russian thing has gotten totally out of control and is paralyzing DC, because our esteemed pols can only fixate on that and nothing else. Something illegal is going on here: surveillance that may be illegal and leaks of the results of that surveillance. It sure appears that there is something to the talk about Obama's lackeys, such as Ben Rhodes, being behind a deep-seated effort to destroy the Trump presidency. As Trump wouls say: "Pretty sad."
And now we have Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General of the US, the highest ranking person charged with upholding law and order, calling for violence, bloodshed and even death in the streets, if that's what it takes to stop Trump. Has the Left totally lost its collective mind?
6 Mar 17: Did you know that African wild elephants sleep an average of only two hours a day? And sometimes go up to two days with no sleep.?
4 Mar 17: I suppose an investigation of the Trump-Russia connection is warranted, but...... It sure seems like the communications were nowhere near as deep and financially rewarding as those of the Clinto gang. Bil and Hillary and their so-called foundation pocketed hundreds of millions of Russian money, yet the Loonie Lefties and the media had no outrage over that. Where was the call for an investigation into that? Wouldn't you think that so-called adults could see the hypocrisy? The left has lost any semblance of common sense. And they get caught in their own lies: Pelosi and Schumer stated high and mightily that they never talked to the Russians. Oops - we now find a picture of Pelosi with some Russian official and a picture of Schumer with Putin! So what if the pictures are old - why did they lie?
3 Mar 17: Sanctuary cities, sanctuary college about sanctuary courtrooms? Yeap, Oregon Judge Monica Herranz had an illegal immigrant (deported once before) appear before her on DWI charges. Upon learning that ICE agents were waiting outside her courtroom to take custody of Diddier Pacheco-Salazar, Judge Herranz apparently let Pacheco-Salazar evade the ICE agents by letting him leave her courtroom through her private entrance.So we have a judge aiding and abetting a criminal - what is this country sinking to?
2 Mar 17: Well now, wasn't the Academy Awards show quite the disaster the other night? Looks like the Loonie Lefties were so concerned with making their political statements (as if anyone cares) that they paid little attention to getting awards right. And hey, it was only Best Picture so what's the big deal? Hmmm, maybe it was intentional in an effort improve ratings next year - the suspense factor. But if they really want to improve ratings, eliminate the political crap and focus on the movies.

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