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April 2017

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24 May 17: Can't say I'm impresssed with AirBnB, the webiste that lets you find rooms to rent in private homes. Next month we have to attend a graduation in a town several hours away. The one big hotel there is $117/night. So I decided to check out AirBnB and found a listing for a nice place within walking distance of our graduation and the banner said it was $40.  Hmmm, that sure beats $117. So I start the booking process. When I clicked on the thumbnail to open the page for that place, the listed price is now $67. Well, that's still better than the hotel so I proceed a little further. Then I find out that there is a cleaning fee of $75.  And a service fee of $18. Now this great little $40 deal has jumped to $160, and that's without the state's 12% room tax. What happened to truth in advertising?
23 May 17: Letter to the Editor of the Washington Compost:

“Democracy Dies in Darkness” boldly states the Post in its banner. You are quite right, and the Post is helping to prove that with its constant use of “unnamed sources”. If you believed in your motto you would print only stories with which you could provide a name. And instead of citing certain documents, you should actually print them so we the citizens can see for ourselves. Considering your absolutely over-the-top case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s rather difficult to believe all the unsubstantiated claims that you publish day after day. Shine the light – show us!

Nope, they didn't print it.

8 May 17: Economist Stephen Moore had an interesting item regarding health insurance in today's Washington Times. He began with a definition of insurance, which is basically something designed to protect you from future losses in return for reocurring payments (aka premiums). So his point is, if the intent of insurance is to cover future losses, how can one insure against something that has already happened, which is precisely what pre-existing conditions are. If the same analogy applied to homeowners' insurance, then I could apply now for insurance and claim that the tree that fell on my roof a few weeks ago is a pre-existing condition!
Moore's other big point dealt with the idea of equal premiums for everyone, despite their individual risks. A good driver with no accidents, no DUI's and no claims for auto damage does not pay as high a premium as others who can't claim a pristine driving record. So why shouldn't health insurance be based on the insured's risk factors? Granted, some health issues have nothing to do with individual risks, but certainly those who smoke, drink, are obese, refuse to exercise, etc., should pay higher premiums for the choices they make. Why should you and I subsidize their poor decision-making by paying higher premiums?
5 May 17: It looks like Hillary needs to expand her list of people she can blame for her loss. Huma Abedin definitely needs to be on Hillary's hit list - if Abedin had not forwarded classified emails to her husband, disgraced Anthony Wiener, the FBI would not have re-opened its Hillary email investigation in October and FBI Director James Comey never would have notified Congress on 28 October of that. Now....will the Feds go after Huma? They surely should.
2 May 17: This is a fine howdy-do: the minority now rules! The idiots in the Republican party are thoroughly sdquandering their opportunity to carry out the mandate that put them in power. The moderate and far-right factions of the party cannot come to an agreement on anything. Voters are disgusted already and the GOP will suffer in 2018 as a result of their inability to come together on anything. Pretty sad when they "own" the White House, the Senate and the House, yet they can't accomplish a thing.
1 May 17: The proposed new budget was released yesterday. Among its provisions: no money for the border wall and no cut in federal monies for sanctuary cities. Which makes me think that there is really an easy way to pay for the wall. Let's have the guts to not send federal dollars to those cities who ignore federal law and then use that money to bulld the wall.

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