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September 2017

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27 Sep 17: The media in its hatred of President Trump has certainly been bombarding us non-stop for the past few days about the NFL kneeling-during-the-anthem imbroglio. When you look back at how the NFL has handled other demonstrations, you can only shake your head. After 9/11 the New York Giants and New York Jets wanted to wear something on their uniforms to show their condolences for and support of the families devastatedby the attacks. Just last year after 5 Dallas policeman were killed and 9 others wounded, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to honor local police. In both cases the NFL supposedly denied permission, saying that demonstrations were not allowed. So if that is the case, then why now is this kneeling permitted?


22 Sep 17: Equifax - now there's a dirty word for you.What a racket and scam it and the other two credit reporting agencies have going....all legal. They collect all sorts of private financial information about us and then turn around and sell that data to other companies. On top of that, we have to pay them to protect our information with a freeze. Oh but gee whiz - aren't they nice to give us one free credit report each year. Now would be a great time for Congress to step up and potect us little common folks. I should be able to log in to review my file whenever I want and I should be able to toggle freezes on and off wenever I want and not be charged for doing so.


21 Sep 17: Isn't is time for a second special prosecutor? Everyone laughed at Donald Trump when he said the Obama administration had Trump Tower under surveillance. It appears to be turning out that he was right. And Obama's unmasking of dozens of Trump campaign workers and folks like Gen Michael Flynn right up to literally the last day of his administration. All of this certainly smacks of dirty politics and it ought to be investigated. I find it hard to believe that Republicans haven't demanded that these sleazy tactics of using the government to thwart a political foe.


20 Sep 17: I never knew how offensive cotton is. In recent days the president of Lipscomb University apologized for offending black students he invited to dinner. His offence? The table centerpiece featured cotton stalks. And Hobby Lobby came under fire because they are selling cotton as a decorative item. Good grief, people, when is this crap going to stop?


19 Sep 17: Amazon has given interested localities a month to offer up all sorts of concessions in the form of tax breaks and infrastructure improvements for a new 5 billion dollar second headquarters. To date, Amazon has already received more than 5 billion dollars in state and local governments as they have built their network of warehouses and distribution centers. Now they want more. Wait a minute!! Amazon is an incredibly successful and wealthy business, so why on earth should state and local taxpayers be asked to subsidize Amazon? The same goes for the wealthy owners of sports teams who are always after cities (aka taxpayers like you and me) to help pay for new stadiums and arenas.


17 Sep 17: Sorry for keeping y'all in suspense the past couple weeks. The WxToad has been busy celebrating fifty years of wedded bliss (well, mostly bliss). Mr and Mrs WxToad spent a week in Boothbay Harbor, ME, enjoying their milestone. They were blessed with incredible New England September weather with sun every day! Lots of lobster eating, boat trips and visits from old friends.

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