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    California: Big Sur to the Golden Gate

    22 Apr 08: Time to continue the trek north. We'll never get home at this rate.....not that that's a bad thing!

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     This large rock, almost an island, is home to the Point Sur Lighthouse. The actual light is on the northwest-facing side (r) of the rock. ca0159 
     ca0169  We found a delightful path along Monterey Bay in the town of Pacific Grove. Along this section was this amazing spread of a phlox-like flower.
    Out near the northern beginning of the 17-mile Scenic Loop Road is the Point Pinos Lighthouse, built in 1855. It is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the US west coast.  ca0178 
    ca0182   Some other flowers we found along the ocean walk.

    25 Apr 08: The original lighthouse in Santa Cruz was built in 1869, moved in 1878, and deactivated in 1941. Private owners razed it in 1948.

    In 1965, Mark Abbot, an 18-year old surfer died nearby; his family donated the money to build a new lighthouse in his memory in 1967.

    ca0191   Another fantastic view while we ate our lunch.
     The Pigeon Point Lighthouse dates from 1872, and at 115' is the tallest operating lighthouse on the west coast. Although now lit by a modern aero-type beacon, the original first-order Fresnel lens is still in the tower and is lit once a year in November to celebrate the light's birthday.  ca0195
     ca0199  Unfortunately the tower is closed to the public, due to its deteriorating condition. An effort is under way to raise funds to restore the tower, which survived the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes.
     26 Apr 08: Sunset at Half Moon Bay. We stayed 2 nights at Half Moon Beach State Beach - a very nice campground.  ca0205
     ca0207  27 Apr 08: A quick stop at the Point Montara Light House. This light is not very tall, but like Pigeon Point LH, is also home to a hostel.
     Made it to San Francisco. This is the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge.  ca0212
     ca0214  Here we are heading up the famed hills of San Francisoc to Coit Tower....in the Lazy Daze!
     Atop Telegraph Hill, home of Coit Tower. There were no parking places, even for our small RV, so I slowly circled the parking area while Liz got out and took a few pictures. ca0221 
     ca0222  Alcatraz Island from Telegraph Hill.
     You don't believe we made it? Well, here I am circling the lot atop Telegraph Hill.  ca0224
     ca0231  Now here's your little economical vehicle. Apparently these are rented to tourists, who drive them around the city while listening to a DVD tour. We noticed, however, that they really struggled to make up the hills.
     And there it is - the Golden Gate Bridge.  ca0237
     ca0245  We went to Fort Point to get a close-up look at the bridge from underneath.
     The old lighthouse atop Fort Point, with the bridge overhead. ca0239 

    And we go, heading north across the bridge. We were even going the right direction - no toll northbound!

    Continue northward with us.