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    Oregon: Cape Lookout to Astoria

    13 May 08: I guess that after all the wonderful weather we have enjoyed on this trip it's finally time to realize that it can...and does...rain. Especially since we're in the Pacific Northwest.

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    We left Cape Lookout SP in the rain this morning, and headed north on the Three Capes Scenic Road. By the way, I have to say that this is one of the worst roads we've encountered; many people living along the road have signs in their front yards "Fix our roads."

    Anyway, our final lighthouse stop was at Cape Meares. This light, with its 38' tower, is the shortest on the Oregon coast. It was built in 1890 and replaced by an automated beacon in 1963. Of particular note is the fact that this is one of only two 8-sided lights in the United States; the other is in Hawaii,

    From Cape Meares we could see the other side of the off-shore rocks with the arch that we first noted from Cape Lookout.  or0201 
    or0203   The cloud-enshrouded hills across Tillamook Bay.
     Fort Stevens State Park, where we spent two nights, is also home to what was once Fort Stevens Military Reservation. Built during the Civil War, the fort remained in use until shortly after World War II. or0224 



     One of the artillery pieces guarding the mouth of the Columbia River. The magazine was located directly below, and used an elevator to get the shells and charges up to the firing level. Below left shows the bottom of the elevator mechanism inside the magazine, while the picture below right shows the upper level.





     or0216  On the grounds of the fort is this replica of an Indian long-house.
     On the way out to the spit of land on the south side of the Columbia River, one passes Trestle Bay, where the remains of this long trestle are still standing.  or0212
     or0205  So this was our goal for this part of the trip north along the Pacific coast - the Columbia River. Couldn't see much of it, however, thanks to the typical Oregon coast weather. From here we turn east and follow the river through the Columbia Gorge. Come along.