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    Oregon: Columbia River

    15 May 08: A momentous day - we say farewell to the Pacific Ocean and turn eastward. We'll miss having it out there on our left, where it's been for the past 5 weeks as we drove northward from Los Angeles to Astoria.

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     After leaving Fort Stevens State Park, we paid a visit to the re-created Fort Clatsop, where the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery spent the winter of 1805-06.  or0227
    or0229   Although the exact site of the original fort cannot be pinpointed, it is believed to have been within a few yards of today's replica.
     The interior of the fort contained two rows of quarters for Lewis and Clark, the other men of the expedition and Sacagawea and her husband and son.  or0233
     or0231 Quarters for the men were quite spartan. The Corps of Discovery was here for 106 days, and it rained on all but 12 of those days. The captains spent the winter working on their journals, while the men were charged with hunting and fishing for food. 
     A replica of a dugout canoe used by the Corps. or0237 
     or0239 Moving on eastward, as we prepared to cross the Columbia into Washington, we had this view of Mt St Helens. 
     Further south the highway took us back over the Columbia into Portland. From the bridge we had this view of Mt Hood.  or0240
    or0241   Heading east from Portland we passed this young couple, with dog, trudging along. As we passed the gal held up her thumb.
     Our first stop in the Gorge was at Wahkeena Falls.  or0243
     or0255  Just a few hundred yards to the east, on the Historic Columbia River Highway, is Multnomah Falls.
     An interesting story attached to this spot is that in 1995 a huge rock the size of a schoolbus fell from near the top of the falls, landing in the pool below. The horrendous splash doused a wedding party on the bridge, posing for their wedding photos.  or0262
    or0264   Continuing eastward, one next comes to Horsetail Falls.
     18 May 08: After spending a pleasant weekend at Ainsworth State Park, it was time get back on the road. A few miles up the river we came to Bonneville Dam. or0280 
     or0273 One of the displays at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery is a large pond with an underwater viewing window that lets visitors check out this 450-pound sturgeon. 
     A typical scene along the gorge. or0285 
     or0292  And another.
     At Memaloose Overlook, we had this view of the river. The island in the river was once much larger, before being nearly flooded by the rising waters behind Bonneville Dam. It was an Indian burial site. The graves were relocated before being covered by the rising water. or0299 
    or0305   Mt Hood is visible in the distance beyond these lupine.
     Railroad tracks line both sides of the river; the Union Pacific on the Oregon side, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe on the Washington side.  or0326

    Mt Hood, at 11,239' dominates the countryside in this part of Oregon.

    Time to move on to Washington - please join us.