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    Glacier National Park - West Side

    Glacier NP is located in northwest Montana and offers some spectacular lake and mountains country. The centerpiece of the park is the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which unfortunately at the time of our early June visit was still closed because of snow. These pictures are from the west side of the park near West Glacier.While here we stayed at Apgar Campground.

    Here are photos from the east side.

    We were able to drive about 15 miles up Going-to-the-Sun Road as far as Avalanche Creek. For about 8 miles the road parallels the east shore of Lake McDonald.

    Date of visit: early June 2008

     glacier013 I don't normally include people pix in my blogs, but the backdrop for this shot of Liz and I was too grand to leave out. 
     You can see we liked the lake and distant mountains.  glacier021
     glacier023 Lots of snow still on the mountains here. 
     One of Liz' photos.  glacier030
    glacier044   Above the lake McDonald Creek flows alongside the road.
     At Avalanche Creek, we took a short hike (1 mile) on the Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail, which parallels Avalanche Creek. The trail along the northern side of the creek is a boardwalk, while the return loop on the southern side of the creek is paved, making it wheel-chair accessible.  glacier056
    glacier052  One of several triliums we found along the trail. 

     The trail crosses a bridge just below this set of falls in the creek.


    Join us on the east side of the park.