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    Oregon: Newport to Cape Lookout

    12 May 08: After sitting out a cool, damp Mothers Day weekend at Tillicum Beach, it was time to stir our stumps and git goin'.

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     First stop of the day was in the city of Newport. We went out to visit the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Built in 1871, it was in operation only three years before being replaced by the Yaquina Head Light 3 miles to the north. It was re-lit in 1996. The light is 42' above ground level and 161' above sea-level. or0114 
    or0118  What a surprise to catch up once again to the Lady Washington. She was coming in through the jetties into Newport harbor. 
     The US-101 bridge spans the Yaquina River at Newport.  or0120
     or0129  In Newport's harbor we found a dock holding a number of seals. One was obviously in trouble, with some sort of hook caught in its mouth.
     Newport is a working fishing port, and most of the buildings along the waterfront have murals with a marine theme. or0135 
     or0139 These were about the most laid-back pooches I've seen in a long time. 
     By the time we had walked the waterfront, the Lady Washington had made it up to the bridge. or0142 
    or0152  Out at Yaquina Head is a major bird nesting area. These are Brandts cormorants. 
     The Yaquina Head Lighthouse was lit in 1873. It's 93' tower is the tallest on the Oregon coast.  or0164
     or0171 On some rocks just off-shore near the Yaquina Head Light was a mother seal with her pup, born less than 24 hours earlier. 
     Not a great picture, but I loved the crashing waves here. or0174 
    or0180  Continuing northward, we came to Depoe Bay, the world's smallest harbor. This is the whole thing! 
     A short, narrow, turbulent channel connects the harbor to the ocean.  or0186
    or0187  I'd say you need to be a very competent sailor to pilot your boat through here. 
     A little further north in Lincoln City is the D River, the world's shortest river.  or0189
     or0190 The D River flows all of 120' from Devil Lake, shown here beyond the boards, under US-101 to the Pacific. 

    Nearing our destination for the night, Cape Lookout State Park, we found this rock formation with an arch in one offshore rock.

    Time to move on north to Astoria.