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    California: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden


    The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is located up in the foothills overlooking Santa Barbara. It features California native plant displays in landscaped settings, and includes several different trails and includes a 19th century mission dam and aqueduct system.

    As one enters the Garden, the first vista is of this field of wild flowers with the mountains in the distance.

    Date of visit: 14 Apr 2008

     Trails such as this meander through the Garden. Most are fairly easy, but there are also a couple of moderately-rated walks for the more ambitious. Work on the Garden was begun in the late 1920's.  sbbg15
    sbbg01  A cactus in bloom. 
     A California poppy.  sbbg05
     sbbg07  This dam, built in 1806, was the source of water for the Mission Santa Barbara.
     A replica of part of the aqueduct system that carried water down to the mission. sbbg08 
     sbbg13  Just one of many varied plants throughout the Garden.