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The Fortress of Louisbourg

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


18 Aug 2009: Another highlight of our trip was a day spent visiting the Fortress of Louisbourg, a recontructed village and fortress depicting the French era in the year 1744.

 fortress04 Before entering the village, one must pass over this drawbridge and face a challenge by the sentry. 
 A view of the village along the waterfront. fortress59 
fortress09  Everything here is reconstructed, even these cannon. 
 ...and cannonballs. fortress08 
 fortress10  The village and fortress are "inhabited" by many people, folks who portray all the aspects of life at that time, from lowly servants and soldiers to the governor.
 Backyards in the village are filled with gardens and livestock. In the background, the fortress towers over all. fortress14 
 fortress16  The dining room in the home of the civil engineer.
 A backyard henhouse.  fortress18
fortress27  Peering through a window into the home of the Adminstrator, the number 2 man behind the governor. 
 The Administrator's office. fortress28 
fortress32   Teaching a young girl how to make lace.
 The huge fortress was a multi-use building: the portion to the right was the soldiers' barracks, while to the left was a large chapel with the ornate governor's quarters behind it.  fortress34
fortress37   The fortress chapel.
 Within the fortress walls were livestock pens and gardens. fortress41 
fortress46   Looking out over the village from the fortress.
 All day loing there are numerous talks and presentations, such as a day in the life of a soldier, accompanied by a demonstration of a musket. fortress51 
fortress52   A living room.
 The governor's bedroom. fortress56