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    Marble Mountain, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

    6 Aug 2009: We arrived at my sister's place in Marble Mountain this afternoon.

    cape breton070  The first issue was getting the RV parked and level. Her property is on a pretty steep hillside with a driveway that I felt was a lttle too steep for the LD. My BIL had cleared a small area near the top of the drive that he had told us was pretty level. Well, not quite - when we parked, we were 7" lower on the downhill side of the rig. We had to build some ramps for the lower wheels so that I could get some space under the levelers for extra blocks to help get us the height we needed. We managed to get it up to only a one-inch difference side-to-side. 
     The view looking up the driveway to our "campsite".  cape breton134
     cape breton076  The view from our site, looking out over Bras D'Or Lake. We had a full moon while here, which was absolutely beautiful as it rose over the lake.
     My sister has 1500' of frontage on the lake. cape breton091 
     cape breton092 A quiet morning on the lake. 
     This view of the hllside was taken from a boat. That's us partway up the hill. You get a better feel here for how steep the road is down to their trailer. cape breton095 
     cape breton101 This shows the entire village of Marble Mountain, which took its name from the large marble quarry there. 
     The quarry is in the upper background and remains of the tailings spill down to the water's edge.  cape breton099
    cape breton085   We took a walk up into the quarry.
     Not much left in the quarry. In recent years, material from the quarry has been used to stablilize the shoreline. cape breton088 
    cape breton118   These two liitle churches have become the symbol of Marble Mountain, and are part of the town's logo. On the left is St. Matthew's United Church, while St. Joseph's Catholic Church is on the right.
     The building on the right is the former company store.  cape breton108
    cape breton154   Marble Mountain harbor.
     While there, we had the pleasure of attending Marble Mountain Family Days, which included a great buffet dinner Saturday evening, and a cook=out with various activities on Sunday. cape breton156 
     cape breton159  One of Sunday's activities was a multi-island poker run.
     My brother-in-law Dave had in mind to build a small bunkhouse for guests, so I was pressed into service.  cape breton130
    cape breton132   That's me at the chop saw. We're making pretty good progress - one wall up and another almost ready.
     The next day we celebrate the completion of the four walls. cape breton149 
     Marr's B&B

     That was the extent of my participation in the bunk-house project, for we left the next day to go explore the Cabot Trail. But in case you're wondering how this turned out, here's a picture.

    Come check out our trek over the Cabot Trail.