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Moundville Archaeological Park, AL

1 Apr 10: We stopped for the night at Moundville Archaeological Park, south of Tuscaloosa, AL. Besides offering a small, basic campground, 800 years ago Moundville was the largest city north of Mexico. The park is operated by the University of Alabama, and also provides a small RV park.

 moundville02  Moundville was the habitation site (from AD 1100 to 1500) of Native American farmers and pottery makers. It was once the largest city north of Mexico.
 The park now encompasses 320 acres (130 hectares) and is operated by the University of Alabama. It contains 32 platform mounds around a rectangular plaza.  moundville01
moundville05   The view over the central plaza from the top of the largest mound, upon which the Chief lived.
 The Douglas Nature Trail provides a pleasant half mile walk to the bank of the Black Warrior River.  moundville06
 moundville07  There are are several thousand feet of boardwalks through the woods.
 Some have been damaged in storms and are currently being rebuilt.  moundville09
 moundville10  One of the smaller mounds in springtime.
 The Black Warrior River.  moundville11
moundville12   Sunset at Moundville.