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  • Tennessee River Park

    Chattanooga, TN

    After falling in love with Chester Frost County Park in Hixson, TN, we decided to hang around a week and let spring catch up to us. One beautiful day we drove down to the north side of Chattanooga, where we enjoyed a great walk along the Tennessee River.

     tn river10 The River Park is located on the north side of Chattanooga on the downstream side of Chickamauga Dam. It's path along the river connects with the River Walk which one can follow to downtown Chattanooga. 
    In the River Park are several sculptures, including this Great Blue Heron.  tn river03 
    tn river01   "Going for a Walk" is the title of this gift from Russian sculptor Yuri Astapchenko.
     The Cincinnati Southern Railroad bridge, now owned by Norfolk Southern, was built in 1888 and rebuilt in 1920. It crosses the Tennessee River just south of Chickamauga Dam.  tn river08
    tn river09   Chickamauga Dam was the 4th dam built by the TVA on the Tennessee River, dedicated in 1940 by FDR. There are four hydro-electric generating units in the powerhouse and the associated lock (currently being replaced) lifts boats 50 feet from Nickajack Reservoir to Chickamauga Reservoir.
    Highway 153 crosses the river atop the dam. tn river15
    tn river11  Walking downstream from the dam back towards River Park.