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  • A Walk Through White Springs FL

    White Springs is a small town along the Suwannee River in northern Florida. A sulphur spring on the banks of the river was a sacred place to Native Americans. Beginning in the mid-1800's, White Springs became a well-known health resort. With the demise of the riverboat era and economic changes, the town became a time capsule of an earlier, innocent time. Much of the original town still stands, including the Adams Brother General Merchandise Store (since 1865), three turn-of-the-century churches, and scores of homes. The White Springs Historic District, with its 88 contributing structures, was placed in the National register of Historic Places in 1997.

    One of White Spring's claims to fame is that the second Girl Scout troop in America was established here in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low. Do you know where the first troop was formed?

    Savannah, GA, also in 1912.

     whitesprings05  The Adams Brothers Country Store opened in 1865. Alas - it is now out of business.
     The Suwannee River Diner boasts a rather intricate paint job on its facade.  whitesprings06
    whitesprings08   Spring Street Antiques makes for an interesting stop. It features silverware, dishes, and glassware.
     The major hostelry in town was the Telford Hotel. Too bad the veranda that once graced its front has not been restored. At one time there were 13 other major hotels and numerous boarding houses.  whitesprings11
     whitesprings13  The big attraction in White Springs today is the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center, which is a memorial to Stephen Foster. Each spring the center hosts the Florida Folk Festival, and through-out the year a number of other events brings visitors. The park also boasts a modern campground.