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    We flew to CA in May of 2002 to pick up our new LD at the factory. Six weeks and 4500 miles later, we arrived back home in Maryland. We were in heaven the entire way - hard to believe we had traded our old, little truck camper for the luxury of our 23.5' Front Lounge LD. And we got to explore parts of the country that we had never seen before. On this page, I've picked out just a handful of the MANY photos we took along the way. Hope you enjoy them as much we do.

     1b Early morning at Zion National Park is beautiful. We used the park shuttle service, which was very convenient. 
     Zion National Park 1c 
     1h  North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We drove our brand-new LD about 12 miles down a very dusty dirt road to Saddle Mt Overlook, where we spent the night right on the edge of the canyon.
     Found these balancing rocks near Marble Canyon, AZ.  P5290065
     P5300072  Wilson Arch, north of Monticello, UT.

    We arose VERY early in Moab so we could get up into Arches NP before sunrise. We made it, and the dawn light is awesome.

    But...it clouded over shortly after sunrise.

    P6010091   An interesting double arch formation at Arches NP.
    One has to hike about a mile to see the Landscape Arch. 290 feet long, it is believed to be the longest natural rock span in the world. One can only wonder how long before it finally collapses, as many others in the park already have.  P6010106 
     P6020131  A view of the White Rim area from Grand View Point in Canyonlands NP. We ended up staying there until after sunset, enjoying a delicious steak dinner.
     Cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde NP. P6040141 
    P6050163   Being a ferroquinologist, I couldn't pass up the chance to ride the Durango & Silverton RR. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, weather-wise and RR-wise!
     Some elk high in Rocky Mt NP.  P6090019
     P6170056  A most peaceful campsite at Craven Campground in Between The Lakes NRA in Kentucky. Lots of bird activity and just a couple of campers there.
     Here's our dream house! Actually, it's Brinegar Cabin on the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Doughton Park CG.  P6230072
     P6300120  So here we are on the Skyline Drive, just three hours from home on the last day of our six-week journey. It ended all too quickly!