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  • A Beautiful Fall Day Along the Charles River, MA

    14-15 Oct 2008: My sister lives in South Natick MA, just a short walk from the South Natick Dam on the Charles River. During an October 2008 visit, we enjoyed some beautiful New England fall weather as we hiked along the Charles, and later paddled a canoe on the river.

     Just down the street from my sister Pat's home is the South Natick Dam. The original dam was built here in 1733, and was rebuilt in 1935.  charles river06
     charles river19  Pat knew of a trail along the south bank of the Charles River that began at the Glenwood Cemetery. We ended up on a rock out-cropping by the river, where Liz enjoyed the sun and view.
     Across the river is the Boit-Sargent House, built in 1912, and bought n 1921 by Harvard Professor Daniel Sargent. In 1929 Prof Sargent erected this statue of the Virgin Mary. charles river20 
     charles river23 Close-up of Professor Sargent's statue. 
     Just downstream of the statue is the Sargent Bridge. This wooden arch bridge was built in the 1920's on the foundation of an old dam, the Sawin Dam built in 1720.  charles river26
     charles river30  The Sargent Bridge.
     Late afternoon finds us back at the South Natick Dam.  charles river33
     charles river39  Just uphill from the dam is the Eliot Church. This is the fifth church on this site, being built in 1828. The first was a meetinghouse built in 1651. This was the first building in Natick with a bell.
     The early morning sun brightens the leaves that frame the Eliot Bridge.  charles river42
    charles river46   The South Natick Dam.
     The Eliot Bridge stands at the site of the original foot bridge over the Charles River just below the dam. Under the supervision of the Rev. Eliot, the Native Americans built a strong arch nine feet high at its center. It reached 80 feet at its center and lasted into the 1700s. This bridge was built in 1857 at a cost of $3,442.42.  charles river47
     charles river50 The smooth waters reflect the early morning colors. 
     This is probably the best picture I got during these two days.  charles river52
     charles river53  A stone wall along Eliot Street near the dam.
     Fall flowers surround an old stone road marker in the center of South Natick. charles river58 
     charles river59  Here we are about to launch our canoe for a lttle paddle upstream.
     Heading upstream we're approaching the Sargent Bridge. charles river64
     charles river73  All along our mile-long paddle we saw a variety of fall colors.
     We're just about back to our starting point on the upriver side of the dam. charles river84