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    September 2006

    In September 2006 we made a little trek to Maine, both the coast and the Western Hills, and to northern New Hampshire. We were fortunate to enjoy some typically beautiful New England fall weather and the foliage was coming along nicely.

    For pictures and comments of all the campgrounds we visited, click on "Campground Reviews" in Top Menu or on the links in the journal.

     me2006-33 A trip to Maine isn't really complete without a stop in Freeport, home of LL Bean. But the Bean store is only part of the attraction. We always enjoy a stop at the Town Dock in South Freeport. 
     And while there, a stop at Harraseeket's for a lobster roll is obligatory. me2006-2 
     me2006-7  Although we spent several days at Freeport's Winslow Park, we spent a night in the Freeport municipal parking lot. There were seven rigs there that night.
     From Freeport, we headed inland to Rangeley Lake, a truly beautiful region of Maine. From here north, Maine is a lot like Alaska - so remote that the best, and sometimes only, transportation is by seaplane. While in the Rangeley area we stayed at Cupsuptic Campground. me2006-11 
     me2006-13  OK - here we are.
     The fall foliage colors were starting to come along nicely. Before leaving Maine, we stopped at a couple of other campgrounds: Evergreens and Deer Farm.  me2006-15
     me2006-19  Crossing over into northern New Hampshire, we discovered a fantastic campsite for a future visit. This was a single site off the road on the shore of a pond.
     We followed Route 26 nothwestward through Dixville Notch. me2006-23 
    me2006-26   As you come down from the Notch, you find this gorgeous Alpine setting. The Balsams Resort sits on the shore of a small lake, with the colored hillside behind it.

    As one who grew up in NH, I was heart-broken when the Old Man of the Mountain finally succumbed to the forces of Mother Nature and tumbled into the valley. This was my first visit there since the 2003 collapse. 

    Our overnight stop in the Franconia area was at Fransted Family Campground.

     me2006-4  Across from the site of the Old Man is Mt Lafayette, with Eagle Cliff, on the left, at its north end.