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  • Savoy State Forest, MA

    26 Aug 08: Once again we're packed up and heading off to what we consider the most delightful spots of all. We've been camping here since 1975, back when twins Katie and Geoff were only 5 years old. We were in a big cabin tent back then; then we moved up to an old used Cox pop-up camper, followed by three truck campers and finally our beloved Lazy Daze Class C. 

     I've lost track of how many times we've camped on Site 39 at Savoy State Forest Campground. After our year apart while I was back in the Air Force stationed out at Scott AF in Illinois, we came here for a few days and in that same fireplace burned the letters we had written each other that year.  savoy08-02
     savoy08-06 The site of the campground was once, long ago, a farm, and all through the campground are very old apple trees, still producing beautiful fruit each year. 
     The campground is a short walk from South Pond, where there is a swimming beach just for campers.  savoy08-12
     savoy08-14 Some wild flowers in the campground. 
    A favorite hike every time we visit Savoy is the mile walk down to Bog Pond. Not much of a name, but it's such a beautiful, peaceful spot that I've asked that my ashes be scattered there. savoy08-17 
     savoy08-21  Bog Pond is covered with water lilies and surrounded by the forest.
     The Bog Pond shoreline.  savoy08-22
     savoy08-27  I spotted this red leave lying on a moss-covered rock, bathed in sunlight.
     Here you can see the derivation of the name - the pond is quite shallow and filled with clumps of water-based plants.  savoy08-31
     savoy08-33  We sat at the edge of the pond to enjoy our lunch. Speaking of lunch, did you know that Sunshine has issued a special edition of Hydrox cookies? Man, I used to love those things. An Oreo doesn't come close!
     Lily pads float on the water. Every so often a falling leaf would zig-zag its way down, landing safely on one of the large pads.  savoy08-34
     savoy08-39  What a perfect day!
     Time for another hike, this time past Tyler Swamp to the start of the Busby Trail up to the summit of Spruce Hill. The beginning of the trail is about .9 of a mile from the campground and is about 1.5 miles in length.  savoy08-44
    savoy08-46   About a mile up the trail one passes this old stone foundation, all that remains of a former farm.
    Atop Spruce Hill one has a great view of North Adams to the northwest.   savoy08-48
     savoy08-49  To the southwest one finds Mt Greylock, Massachusetts' highest peak, towering over the valley. Too bad that open pit mars the view so.
     Looking back to the ESE, Bog Pond is visible. When we got back to the campground, our pedometer had logged 5.2 miles. We started a fire and loafed the rest of the day.  savoy08-50
     savoy08-52  Time to head home. We stopped to enjoy our lunch along the Deerfield River in Charlemont.