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  •  A Short Trip to Vermont

    Travels with my Big Sister

    In Sept of 2004 my sister and I made a little junket up to very northern NH and VT, right up along the Canadian border. We were a couple of weeks two early for peak foliage, but here and there we found little bits of color starting to appear.


     PDR 0953 Our first stop was at Lake Francis State Park, way up in northern New Hampshire just below the Connecticut Lakes.
     In Norton VT we passed by this interesting assortment of signs along the road. When I got to take a picture or two, the owner, Mr. Greenleaf, came out and chatted with us for a while - very nice fellow.  PDR 0970
     PDR 0974  Just one of Mr Greenleaf's many signs.
     The Derby Line VT Library and Opera House straddles the US-Canadian border.  PDR 0976
     PDR 0975  Here's big sister Pat straddling the international border which runs right through the middle of the reading room.
     Another house straddling the border has this plaque on the front porch.  PDR 0978
     PDR 0991  A gorgeous sunset at Little River State Park near Waterbury VT.
     Screen capture of Ralph's attempt to drive us off the cliff and across Waterbury Reservoir! And it was dense fog at the time - moral: don't blindly trust Ralph. Thank you, CoPilot. PDR 0995 
     PDR 1001  Moss Glen Falls near Granville VT.
     Our campsite at Winhall Brook Corp of Engineers Campground near Jamaica VT. Just past the trees is a nice little stream. PDR 1007