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National Museum of Transportation

I spent a year at Scott AFB, back on Active Duty as the Air National Guard Advisor to the Commander of Air Weather Service. While there I visited the National Museum of Transportation in nearby St Louis.

21 July 1991

Illinois Terminal railbus #206

US Army #1149

This is the first successful gas-turbine-mechanical locomotive, built for the Army as an experimental by Davenport in 1954. I used to have a Lionel locomotive based on this prototype.

DM&N #502

Class E 2-10-2

UP #4006

4-8-8-4 "Big Boy"

Left: SP #4460 Class GS-6 4-8-4

Right: AT&SF #5011 2-10-4

Left: Silver Charger
The Burlington's ‘Silver Charger’ of 1939 is the last of the custom made ‘shovel nose’ diesel streamliners that pulled the early ‘Zephyr’ trains.

Right: C&IM #551 2-8-2

SLSF #1522 4-8-2

She was the pride and joy of the St. Louis Steam Train Association. The talented and dedicated club members rebuilt the engine for operation from the mid '80s until 2002. They still keep her painted, polished, and she is on exhibit under cover.

Left: RI Caboose #18058

Right: GRR #724 0-6-0