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  • Salem & Hillsborough RR

    I made a brief visit to the S&H in New Brunswick on 22 Sep 1989. Established in 1982, the railroad suffered a major setback in 1994 when a fire, caused by arson, destroyed its shops and headquarters. The railroad has not operated since 2004, although the site is now home to the New Brunswick Railroad Museum.

    CN #1009

    #1009 is a 4-6-0, built by MLW in 1912 for O'Brien, McDougall & O'Gorman - the contractors building the National Transcontinental Railway (Canada's third national railway which was subsequently absorbed into Canadian National). #1009 at the time of the fire  was nearing completion of an overhaul and was just outside the shed.  The headlight on the tender shattered and the wiring was charred.  The engine has subsequently been steamed and operated successfully.

    CP #29

    This 4-4-0 locomotive was damaged in the 1994 fire, later cosmetically restored and can now be found on display outside CP headquarters in Calgrary, Alberta.

    #209 RS1

    Built by ALCO as Wisconsin Central #2360 (3/1950). Acquired by SOO Line and renumbered to SOO #2360 (1961). Retired (10/1961). Sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive, to Sydney & Louisbourg #209, then to Devco Railway #209. Sold to Salem & Hillsborough Railroad (1984), became #8209 and used for parts only. #209 was completely gutted and the glass in the cab windows melted down over the bell and sander controls.  However it is hoped it can be cannabalized to help keep the the one undamaged diesel, # 8245, running.

    1919 steam-operated Industrial Works crane.


    Ex-CN MLW (Alco) S-12, blt in 1958 - survived the fire.


    Alco-GE blt 10/45 #74318. #208 was totally destroyed in the fire.