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    Since the 1970's a group that numbers over 250 has been dedicated to the preservation of the only remaining S&L station, its associated freight shed, and thousands of artifacts relating to the railway and local history. The museum is located in Louisbourg, NS, on the east coast of Cape Breton Island. Our visit took place on 16 Aug 2009. Completed in 1895, the railroad was built to get coal from the Sydney mines to a port that did not freeze over in the winter; Louisbourg harbor met that requirement.

    Of interest is the discrepancy in the spelling of the city's name. The railroad used the English version, while the city has reverted to the French spelling of Louisbourg.

    Here are the three buildings owned by the museum: the station, the red freight shed and a new "engine house". The station appeared to be undergoing a paint job.

    The operator's desk inside the station.

    Upstairs in what were the station-master's quarters are displays of various railroad and other artifacts, including items dealing with the railroad's parent company, the Dominion Coal Company.

    The freight shed houses a large HO-scale model railroad being built to depict the S&L and its operations.

    The model railroad contains numerous scenes from the real S&L, such as the loading docks at the Louisbourg harbor.

    Coach #8 is an 1881 second-class car. This is Nova Scotia's oldest passenger coach.

    The interior of coach #8 is rather spartan, with wooden seats and no heat.

    Unfortunately, the museum provides little to no information on the rolling stock in its possession. I have no idea of the heritage of this old wooden caboose.

    One of the primitive archbar trucks on the caboose.

    Likewise, there was no information regarding this tank car.