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  • Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes - 2006

    This was once the largest of the Maine two-footers, with nearly 120 miles of track, 24 locomotives and 500 freight cars. It was first built in 1879 from Farmington to Phillips, and over the years, expanded and consolidated with other area two-footers. The coming of the automobile and trucks spelled doom for the railroad. It struggled into the early 1930's before being sold for scrap. In 1969 a group of volunteers began their efforts to save a bit of history. Today visitors can ride behind a steam engine on a six-tenths of mile section of track.

    Back in 1965 Bob Hayden and I visited Phillips and Strong and found some of these places and items in much worse shape.


    The easiest piece of the SR&RL to find in Phillips is the former station. It is not part of the museum's property.

    19 Sep 2006

    Part of the former car shop complex, located adjacent to the station.

    19 Sep 2006

    Across the river from the village is the site of the SR&RL's shop facilities. This new 8-stall roundhouse was built on the site of the "Old Stone Fort" original roundhouse.

    A restored boxcar.

    #'s 11 and 12 are Brookville-built Diesel switchers.

    #4 is a replica locomotive.

    #3 is a Vulcan-built 0-4-4T.

    A major rebuild of former "Althea" from Edaville. She was heavily damaged in a 1985 fire at Edaville.

    This little Plymouth gas switcher was on the Armstrong turntable.

    #559 is a replica caboose built by Al Houghton (no relation).

    Caboose #556 is an original piece of SR&RL equipment.

    Some interesting track-work at the south end of the line, with the roundhouse in the background.

    At the south end of the line is the site of the SR&RL bridge that once spanned the Sandy River.

    The little Saunders station has been moved to the current north end of the line and nicely restored. In the background is a standard-gauge coach originally from the Concord & Montreal. This car was previously at the Conway Scenic RR in North Conway NH.