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  • Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Rlwy - 1960's

    I went to college in central Maine in the 1960's, and took advantage of my location to do a little exploring to see what traces of the old 2' gauge railroads I can find. Here are a few pictures of bits of the original WW&F I was able to find.

    Somewhere along the former route of the WW&F I found this old boxcar, sans trucks.

    1 May 1964

    At the south end of its line, the only way the WW&F could access the Wiscasset waterfront was by an over-water trestle.

    8 Nov 1964

    Just south of the US-1 bridge were these remains of piles that once supported the WW&F.

    8 Nov 1964

    The original builders of the WW&F had dreams of connecting to the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes system at Farmington. To get there, they would have to cross the Kennebec River. They got as far as Winslow, where abutments were built for a bridge across to Waterville. The bridge was never built, but these masonry abutments remain. The MEC's Lower Road tracks are in the foreground.

    23 Apr 1966

    There was a two-story station on the WW&F , at Albion.

    29 May 1966