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  • B&M on the North Conway Branch

    The roundhouse and turntable at North Conway.

    1 Feb 1964

    #1220 was the usual locomotive assigned duties on the North Conway Branch in 1967. Here she is on the table at North Conway.

    6 Jun 1967

    Yesterday #1220 came up from Dover. She went up to the end of the line at Intervale and picked up from the MEC two tank cars headed for Conway. Here she is in front of the boarded-up North Conway station, ready to head back south to Dover

    7 Jun 1967

    Here's #1220 pulling off the Boston-Portland main at Rollinsford Jct, headed for North Conway

    23 Aug 1967

    On a foggy fall morning, #1220 approaches the turnout at Rollinsford Jct for the North Conway branch.

    9 Oct 1967

    #1220 on the North Conway turntable.

    13 Aug 1965

    #1223 occasionally found its way to North Conway.

    6 Aug 1966

    #1220 on the North Conway turntable.

    5 Jun 1967

    #1220 backs off the turntable into the roundhouse..

    5 Jun 1967

    Two days later #1220 is back in town. Here she's coupling onto two tank cars to deliver in Conway on the way back to Dover.

    7 Jun 1967

    Buggy C-112 with #1221 in the shadows.

    14 Sep 1967

    #1221 with buggy C-112 in tow crosses Rt 16-302 in North Conway.

    14 Sep 1967

    North Conway was where I grew up in the 50's and 60's. I got to see the North Conway station in various states of disrepair. It was wonderful to see it restored and put back in use by the Conway Scenic RR .

    7 Oct 1995