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    Railfans Weekend 2008
    I found nyself back home in North Conway NH the weekend of 20-21 Sep 2008 to attend the 50th Reunion of the first, last and only 8th Grade to graduate from the John Fuller School. Serendipitously, I learned after we arrived in town that it was the Annual Railfans Weekend on the Conway Scenic RR.


    There were a number of Extras run over the weekend. On Saturday morning I spotted this mixed train headed by #1055 heading north at Intervale Cross Road.

    When I was growing up here in the 50's, the freighthouse and station building were on the other side of the train, while just to the right was a summer encampment of some Abenaki Indians.

    Heading toward the Rt 16 crossing at the Intervale Scenic Vista.

    A little later that morning found the Crawford Notch train at the Scenic Vista crossing, powered by 6505-6516.

    Now we're talking. Here comes ex-CN 0-6-0 #7470, approaching the Intervale station site.

    At Intervale.

    While I was over at the station site, Liz got this shot of #7470 passing the Intervale Scenic Vista.

    Sunday morning as we were heading out of town, we stopped at the North Conway depot, where 6516-6505 were about to rumble to life for a busy day.

    Ex-MEC #15 and NHC #360.

    Since my last visit in 2006, MEC #501's tender has been repainted and looks pretty sharp.

    As for #501 herself, it's hard to say how much mechanical progress has been made, but cosmetically, she looks more or less as she did in 2006 when I last stopped by.

    CSRR #2820 (Ex-QBT #23) has received a nice-looking paint job.

    Ah, about ready for some action. #7470 has been steaming up inside the roundhouse, the doors were just opened...

    ...and here she comes.

    Pulling out onto the turntable.

    Does this bring back memories or what ??

    Being turned in preparation for the day's activities.

    Lots of work involved keeping her in tip-top condition.

    Here she is backing down past the fire station and country club.

    A little show for the fans as she pulls back up toward the yard and her waiting train.

    A comment on rail photography etiquette - we were all lined up so every one could get a clean shot of the locomotive, but just as she started back toward us, this fellow jumped out in front of everyone. There were more than a few groans of disappointment.