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    The very,very end of the line for the MEC's E-units. Although most were sold to the Kansas City Southern, #'s 710 and 711 stayed with the MEC to the bitter end.



    It's summer of 1957 as MEC Train #11, proudly led by E-7 #710, pauses at the Waterville station. Behind the locomotive is the venerable Hotel Ritz, later renamed as the Hotel Cassini. In an earlier day, it was the Railroad YMCA. 



    Only 7 years later, #710, along with sister #711, await the cutter's torch beside the Waterville Shops. The other E's, #705-709, were sold to the KCS.

    Oct 1964

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    #711 awaits her fate. She and #710 had to endure one more Maine winter, finally being cut up in March 1965.

    Oct 1964

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    Over the winter of '64-'65, 710 and 711 were stripped, burned, and by the time I saw them again in the spring, being cut up for scrap.

    Mar 1965

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