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  • Maine Central #470

    Over the years Pacific #470 has added a few miles just by being moved around Waterville Yard, in and out of display view. These photos range from 1962 to 2006.



    Across from the station, with the former Colby College campus in the background.

    1 Oct 1962





    During the early 1960's realignment of tracks and the construction of the Main Street underpass, #470 was moved to a place near the Shops in the middle of the yard,

    23 Oct 1964



    Near Waterville Shop

    14 Nov 1964



    Still near the Shop.

    29 Jan 1966




    The plaque commemorating her history.

    29 Jan 1966




    Back on display just south of Tower A. With the smoke from the Keyes Fiber plant across the Kennebec River, she almost looks like her steam is up. Wishful thinking, I guess.

    1 Dec 1974




    Repainted with her original herald, she silently watches locos from a whole new era of MEC history.

    13 Nov 1989




    13 Nov 1989 

    On a very dreary day in 2006, I found #470 still on display near Tower A.

    10 Jun 2006


    Ten years later I was back in Waterville with my long-time railfan cohort The Q (right). The Q had arranged to meet Bill Alexander (left), one of the members of the group working to restore #470 to operation condition. Work had already begun on dismantling the locomotive and tender enough for transport to Washington Junction, near Ellsworth, ME.

    30 May 2016

    7191 Bill kindly explained to us all the work that had been done so far, and what more was needed before its proposed early August move to Washington Junction.

    The group behind the restoration is the New England Steam Corporation (NESC), which bought the locomotive from the city of Waterville a couple of years ago. They expect the restoration to proceed at the speed of fund-raising, estimating that it will take about $1.3 million and ten years to accomplish the task.

    You can learn more about NESC here.