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MEC Plow Extra 565 precedes RY-2 from Bartlett NH



It's a bright but chilly morning as Plow Extra 565 prepares to leave Bartlett. The plow is #81 and GP-7 #565 is trailed by buggy # 631. Not much time to waste, as RY-2 isn't too far behind.

3 Feb 1967

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 The snow is fresh as the plow breaks through the plowed drifts of US Route 302 just north of the village.

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 The blowing snow practically obscures the locomotive and caboose as the Plow Extra heads north toward Crawford Notch.

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 New England winter railroading at its best.

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 Close on the heels of the Plow Extra is RY-2, bound from Rigby Yard in South Portland to St Johnsbury. Up front are GP-38's #256-254-261.

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 Tacked on behind buggy 655 are GP-7 helpers #571-572.

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