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  • Maine Central RR - RY-2

    This series of photos follows RY-2 up through Crawford Notch on a bright fall morning.



    It's a foggy morning in mid-October of 1968 as RY-2, bound from Rigby Yard in South Portland to St Johnsbury, passes through Bartlett. The lead unit is GP-38 253, trailed by GP-7 569 and 3 more -38s: 257,262, and 261.

    18 Oct 1968

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     North of Bartlett, the track follows the Saco River along the floor of the valley. The fog has lifted to a haze now.

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     The haze is starting to burn off as RY-2 crosses Route 302 in Harts Location, opposite the Inn Unique. Soon it will slowed by the increasing grade as the tracks start to climb up along the mountain-side.

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     It was easy to chase a train through the Notch, thanks to the slow uphill climb. Here the train passes near Arethusa Falls.

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     The train is now well up on the mountain-side, crossing Frankenstein Trestle.

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    Here RY-2 is crossing the Willey Brook Bridge. Just ahead of the train is the Mt. Willard Section House.

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    Almost there - the train is rounding the shoulder of Mt. Willard. Just ahead is the top of the Notch. 

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     Made it at last! The lead units are coming through the Gateway at the top of the Notch. Just ahead is the Crawford House station.

    The hardest work is over as RY-2 heads for Fabyans and beyond to St Johnsbury. 

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