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  • Maine Central RR - RY-2 in Spring

    There was still some snow on the ground in Bartlett on 3 April 1965, and even more as we followed RY-2 up through Crawford Notch.



    Helper GP-7 #565 had run light from Rigby and was waiting in Bartlett for RY-2 to arrive. 



     Helper GP-7 #565 in Bartlett.



    #565 was cut in behind RY-2's lead unit, fellow GP-7 #561. The rest of the consist included F-3's #672B, #671B and #671A.








     Crossing US-302 at Harts Location, with the Inn Unique in the background.



    Harts Location. 



    Frankenstein Trestle. 



    Approaching the Willey Brook bridge.



    Willey Brook. 



    Far in the distance, RY-2 is crossing the bridge at the Mt Willard Section House (which was still there in 1965). 



    Coming through the Gateway at the top of the Notch.
     2125  Another landmark, the Crawford House, was also still there in 1965.